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  • o,0 you already have all yours at your age!? just something that brings a grin to your face or something that will help make you not as nervous.
    understandable....is it all of them getting pulled? try to think of something that makes you laugh =D
    write it down! Dx

    it sucks hard had nobody to talk to for a while during that time. will you really? o,0
    i'd say goodnight but....every time i do you answer me cause your not really gone o,-
    o,- will you really?

    i dont know nearly everyone i knew has left and most of them didnt even tell me buy.
    =D mushishi is about a man named Ginko who goes around solving problems relating to a supernatural being called 'mushi' there is no over arching story just a bunch of self contained ones and their so good you'd like it if you gave either the manga or anime a try! the manga only has 50 chapters and the anime has i think around 20 episodes though the sub is the better choice in anime.

    *3*/ of course i did! ~ T_T so many everyone from axelyoyo to hitaruchan everyone just disappeared at once.
    i see im the same way with Black Cat i never watched black cat anime but i've read its descriptions and i prefer what i read in the manga plus the art style of the anime makes Train and everyone look 15.

    Mushishi was a grand story its great in both manga and anime.

    ipods can surf the internet? finally back on a computer i see, oddly enough i've missed it to even though you used to get mad at me randomly XD
    to bad the others we knew arent around anymore.
    your mom wont let you watch it or do you just prefer the manga?

    your on 3 days in a row! *o* that hasnt happened in a while~
    oh~ i dont think i've watched that but i've heard of it.

    xD something your family noticed the other day.
    lol its cute but who's mokana?

    it probably wont even take that long since kh1 & CoM have already been released in english once b4 =]
    That's all right, it's understandable. :) Everything going all right? And a belated Happy Holidays to you! ^^
    it sounds awesome! get any cool things while there?

    xD most havent just try looking into them their called Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, they come together in one disc for ps3.
    yes sly cooper xD

    sadly no date for America yet however american ones are usually only a few months later! =D
    pffft dont expect any payment for you current occupation then! xD
    =D they had it in a hotel? your mom has an ipod and actually let you use it!?

    one is Ico & Shadow of the Colossus collection they barely have any dialogue, they are of moderate length, fun, down right beautiful, both games come together and are two of the most well regarded games made.
    Also one called the Sly collection it has 3 games on it and its fairly simple, actually entertaining and not one curse word is found.
    however id' probably be best if you watch vids on these games b4 taking an interest in one so you dont waste 20 something dollars.

    another good game is Journey but they only have it on psn sadly =[
    xD figured so, some of the screen shots for kh1.5 have been amazing~ i'd laugh to XD
    >x[ you always doubt me. bye ~
    TxT any details work fine even just how big the place was. your on an ipod?

    well i can tell you a few (that your mom wont hate) and dont forget teh kh1.5 coming out for ps3 this year it already has a japan release date.
    xD that must have been a sight to see. xD i can only imagine the second thoughts they had after 20mins haha. your doubts would be wrong XD
    thats it!? no details? come on i have no life give me something to envy here ;_;

    it kinda hurt to watch them open it in 5seconds after i had been locked out for at least 15min....

    what kind of games you after? ahhh that sucks =[ some of the best (and type of kid friendly your mom would approve of) are on psn.
    ahahaha x'D did you really? how long did it take to pry from you?
    thats okay i'm crazier o3o
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