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Recent content by AxelRoxasFan223

  1. AxelRoxasFan223

    Fanfiction ► Let's get Married! [KH - Riku/Xion]

    This is such a cute story Smile. Loved it <3
  2. AxelRoxasFan223

    Which Organization member did you enjoy taking out most?

    Xemnas Xion Xaldin Demyx Some of them because they were just fun and some because they took forever to beat XD;
  3. AxelRoxasFan223

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    love your signature xD;; Pedigree charts help alot and as for probablities you could always try Punnet Squares, at least thats how I do it xD And its also important to know wether its a sex-linked gene or not, in this case, sickle-cell disease is a sex-linked gene meaning you use the X and Y...
  4. AxelRoxasFan223

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    You could kinda say this is homework but actually I need help on topic ideas for satire xD Im suppose to do a creative project with satire/comedy as a topic (id prefer satire though) and ive chosen Photo manipulation/editing as a media but I cant think of any satire topics xD ;A; Im looking...
  5. AxelRoxasFan223

    Fanfiction ► Sleep Over [KH] [RokuShi -> RAX friendship]

    That was adorable <3 As usual, you know your characters well and portrayed them nicely, and after I read this, I think I understood the characters better too xD;; :3
  6. AxelRoxasFan223

    sea salt scenes

    I liked the scenes with ice cream if there's a dialogue or its in a cutscene from theatre mode other than that, if skip them xD
  7. AxelRoxasFan223

    What struck you as odd?..

    That would be true. I on the other hand would be shocked but kinda happy since I always wanted to be a mermaid when I was a kid xD;; Still. odd o_o Im sure fish can excrete. Then again your half human xD Would it be like human poo (ewwww ;_;) or fish poo...? And liek howd you reproduce OKAY...
  8. AxelRoxasFan223

    What's Wrong with Pridelands?

    I agree with what Grass said .-. And as for Atlantica in KH2, I liked it only for the music, its repetitive but I liked it (teh music) :3 Didnt like the singing part too much though xD Otherwise Id just go around and swim in circles in KH2 Atlantica lol. And I love Little Mermaid so I cant...
  9. AxelRoxasFan223

    Am I the only one...

    Well I actually don't have an opinion on it lol. I did like KH2 and Days better than it though^^ And I didnt really like to use cards xD And I never finished KH lol.
  10. AxelRoxasFan223

    Fanfiction ► One Shots by Umbra ~Updated 3/19/10~

    Re: One Shots by Umbra ~Updated 2/26/10~ Aw thats a sweet fanart <3 I love the Rion one best :3
  11. AxelRoxasFan223

    Caution- A powerful Heartless is near!

    He's not hard, just takes patience and carefulness :P
  12. AxelRoxasFan223

    Days 100%

    Ive gotten both KM & Sora. Beat all the Missions in Mission Mode but still need to get 358 Crowns and Master Circle. Got Limit Pass and didnt know Ultima was in days..and now that I know might as well get it. Still need to finish the friggin Challenges D: Finished all the missions 100% already...
  13. AxelRoxasFan223

    Best Keyblade/Gear

    I myself personally like using Zero Gear, specifically using the KK+ for Xion inMission and Roxas in Story. (I thought DW with Roxas would be just awesome in Story, but I had a change of mind and now I mostly use Xion in MM >_>) And I myself am still trying to get Pandora gear..then again i...