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  • Yeah,I loved that movie.The action was cool and the romance was really good to. People complain that its a used up story,but I like that story in general,so it having a similar plot to say,Dances with Wolves,was to me a good thing cause the story of 2 races coming together like that is always cool to me :).Yeah,the I see you at the end when they embrace really made the movie for me. I cried a lot :p. I like those types of movies too.I am a huge horror movie fan
    Yea remind me of the sunset i see once in Bali it is so pretty and beautiful :)

    XD but i am surprise Pirahana can be kept as pet never tried before
    >< I want to hug the dolphin so badly.
    Haha since dolphin always like to protect they are enemy of the shark
    Lol,what type of movies do u like? The romance in Avatar was a big reason I liked that movie so much as well. The "I see you" at the end of the movie made me cry :p
    Yea destiny island look like a pretty beach to go to too

    What did you feed your Pirahanas with XD
    Aww... a lion cub it must be so cute i want to hugged it to XD tame one of coures XD
    Dolphins are huggable and i didnt know that dolphin protect humans from shark which is a nice fact.
    The beach is so pretty and the sky is so blue..... where is this beach?
    Hmm.. a lion expert would be good :). I would love to take Safari car to go around the Safari viewing all kinds of animal and yea it will be cool if you could swim with dolphins it is a dream but a nice one makes me want to swim with dolphins too and You had a tank with pirahanas is it your pet??
    Aww... Hawaii or Caribbeans beach

    Wow you are bold girl XD Lion outside of their cage seems dangerous and i dont think i will dare to get near them. A real safari will be cool. YES!!! Dolphins are adorable. I like fish too especially gold fish XD
    That is a nice image of the calm beach with clear blue water

    Yea and it shows abit of the history of Singapore too. Haha i like lions too when they are behind cages :p i will run if they are not XD. I love dolphins too they are too cute.
    Thats cool.I never really got into barbies as a kid.I kinda got bored with them :p. I still collect stuffed animals though ^_^
    No wonder, it must have been a bad experience trying to wa;lk through the crowd on the beach

    Yea the wax house contain Wax people which shows the living condition of people living in Singapore in the past. Beside underwater world i cant remember when did they open a dolphin lagoon in Sentosa dont know if it is still there. I love animals too especially cute animals like rabbit or dog XD
    ;D Yes, drawing is one of my lovely little hobbies, I mean I love doing it so much. XD Even if my ablities aren't really topknotch. XD And I'd give you some of my lead if I could. XD

    XD LOLZ. You lazy little girl---OH! XIGBAR! *glomps the emote* <3333333
    ;D And no, it's not that. I feel much better today, I've just been busy drawing and stuff. XD

    ;) And you're welcome again, again, again! :DDD

    And that's awesome. :D :p Whenever I get the urge to be evil...I'll swamp you with my request. But not now. XDD Heheheh!
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