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  • I need to finish at least one act before my exams finish. Otherwise I won't be pleased with my progress XD

    And Sims 3 is much easier to play than all the previous games of the series.
    Haha, I never have that problem. My construction projects in all the Sims always ends excellent. I've got 3 words of advice for you.





    That rule will never fail you.

    And I need to continue my Xion fic XD I made 2 more draft pages today.
    Yep, house building is fun, but the tools are limited in Sims 3 now... So no epic houses cause you'll have nothing to put in it.

    And Xion rules.
    I've got Sims 3 too XD after the first two weeks or so of fun it starts getting monotonous, day after day your sims go to work, come back, do stuff, sleep, go to work again, someone dies etc. And my black haired genius+nice+brave girl is called Xion XD.

    I've got an exam like on Wednesday, but I'm slacking because I know I've prepared entirely, it's the exams after that that worry me... but I'm scared of stuffing more knowledge of the other subjects because Wednesday is History, I'm afraid I might forget if I learn other stuff >_<

    Hahaha... Next time when a new world leader rises that goes about killing people you know it's me.

    We all must work hard to achieve our aspirations XD
    16 years old makes me feel like I wasted 16 years of my life doing nothing so far.

    I resolve to do something useful like becoming a world leader or something XD when I grow up, at least. I want to have my name passed down for generations in books before I die peacefully.
    You're too early! It's an advanced birthday. My proper one is next Saturday, but I can't celebrate it because it's in the middle of my exams XD

    Thanks anyway.
    Yea, Roxas really completes the cutesie pie duo XD

    But for me Xion is enough. But that's just me haha.
    Um... Wut?

    The zombie Axel looked cute, but the bottom one was just retarded...

    And no, my brain's still locked up in my bank, just checked it today morning.
    Um... The question was 'struggle', so I was just rewritting Roxas' TT story. Yeah, pathetic.. I was bored.

    And I also happen to be very very very very good at Maths XD just careless.
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