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Recent content by AxelRikuRoxas

  1. A

    Are english patches for BBS:FM illegal?

    look around on youtube ;) thats all i can say to you inbox me if you have troubles.
  2. A

    BBSV2 for a Main Game Console (LEGIT discussion RESTRICTED to FACT)

    Re: BBSV2 for a Main Game Console..why not? Release on both NGP and psp???? if they are meant to co-exist it will be like the ps3 and ps2... some games are released on both. people just prefer the ps3 ones.
  3. A

    Why nobody wants BBSv2 go to NGP?

    Re: Why nobody wants to BBSv2 go to NGP? agreed, feels like more of an addiction than a fun game. way to much extras you have to do if it's on all systems. I'd prefer to just watch the cutscenes... id like to play the games, but because nomura keeps switching systems (sooo annoying) i don't...
  4. A

    Should there be partners in kh3d? or not?

    Vanitas D-link from the start.... than ill say yes i want d-links. make the game darker and harder than ever... that's all i care about
  5. A

    PSP2/ NGP Possible Home to BBSV2 or Future KH Titles !Update Pics!

    id say late 2012 like november or something. NO WAIT. NOVEMBER 25th/2012 record it. its my prediction. if i get this right somone owes me 300 bucks... which conveniently is enough probably for the pspv2 O.o
  6. A

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    its possible aqua found him... he could still be "asleep" just being carried around by somone else. (aqua in my opinion) but who knows what'll happen
  7. A

    3D and the X-Blade

    O tru... i open the question to anyone who actually knows the answer.
  8. A

    3D and the X-Blade

    k cool, but you answered nothing of true importance....
  9. A

    3D and the X-Blade

    could kairi not activate the xblade? she is pure in heart (at least it looks that way). MX could set her for his target couldn't he? this would allow him to continue his motives from BBS and could be a future event in KH3
  10. A

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    I personally like this... i believe one of two things.... either your right and ven is already awake, or roxas still has ven inside him. Ven in my opinion is already awake through the events that has happend from KH1 all the way to KH2
  11. A

    How Vanitas is connected to who he looks like. Spoilers! Lots!

    hahahah way to be up to date bro :P
  12. A

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I think this is the best idea... you gonna do it?
  13. A

    DO you think BBS is the best KH game yet?

    not the best yet but second... kh 3 will be the best title without a doubt, i still want the game a shit load harder, with all the duelwielding and extra commands the game get soo easy.
  14. A

    proud mode

    to be perfectly honest.... proud is still pretty easy. if your new to kh series or wanna learn the system play normal for a while and get the hang of the controls... it becomes a natural thing and by that time u will be ready for proud... only thing is, that once it comes naturally id think ud...
  15. A

    Mysterious Figure Info/Theory

    man i am waiting for a star wars turn around where they make sora nearly go to the dark side. the MF could be sora... xehanort nobody (before death) this could be the villain for kh3? nobody xehanort could travel in time... so maybe terras part of his mind went back to this time and who knows...