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Recent content by axelkicks22

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    Kingdom Hearts II Online RPG

    i think it would be an awsome idea but that would ruin the story and the characters would be hard to do i think it would be kinda lame plus i loved kh2 and want it to stay the same to much differnt from the regualr deries woul d be weird
  2. A

    Getting to level 99

    im lvl 91 and im usin ultima and fenrir and im levin up in TWTNW
  3. A

    cerberus paradox cup

    lol ok thx
  4. A

    cerberus paradox cup

    can someone answer that
  5. A

    cerberus paradox cup

    idk how to even unlock the cup
  6. A

    Im Confused....

    i never really thought of that i just went along with the game weird huh?
  7. A


    i just farted!
  8. A


    i just farted!
  9. A

    Who do you think is the hottest-looking Square KH character?

    kairi!!!!!! all the freakin way
  10. A


    and did you guys see that all of the cheat sits are all like rid of cheats it is gay
  11. A


    kk thx
  12. A


    ok i have been hearing that you can get rikus keyblade in the game but it is very hard. i found that to be a bunch of bull crap but idk is it true?:confused:
  13. A

    look wat i found...

    yea the axel one was wicked sweet and the sora one was awsome
  14. A

    i cant get the paradox cerberus

    me neither i am soooo puzzeled by it i keep leveling up and waiting for it and i cant get it by the way im level 78 :confused: