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  • Hehe well I know the basics but either don't have the time or I'm too afraid to do it.
    Though the advice helps a lot, thank you so much <3
    Mostly finding a girl that I can confide in and truly love.
    It's not so easy -___-
    Oh, sorry about that, kind of scatter brained @_@

    Anyway it comes down to friends and social aspects of my life that are out of order which is causing me the most stress.
    Too much to get into now but I'm searching for a significant other; it's a hard road.
    Wait, what did you mean about the previous statement?
    I thought you had a job over there and you were implying it's stressful.

    Did I miss something?
    Ah, don't worry about it.
    I'm a little late myself, just came back from shopping.

    I'm decent just trying to battle the stress.
    Oh well I know what you mean, the place I originally came from at the most has only 10-30 people online, it's meager compared to this place :p

    And its alright, nice that you brought it up :3
    Well this community is enough for me, so no.
    Though I am in another gaming community not strictly based on KH however.
    No problem, if you ever have questions to ask don't be afraid to send me a pm =)
    actually, i was never registered at kh vids
    or w/e it is

    i think you got somebody else =D
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