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  • I see, I just thought she had a funny way of showing she cares, is all. She does have a bit of an ego but I don't know bout the self-serving part. Alright, I get what you mean now. Sounds like you got some work cut out for you. I like your writing style by the way, it flows really nicely.
    Yes, Creative Writing. :3

    It still was killing them in a way... but, I'm not looking at 3D spoilers. Maybe when I get the game it will explain why they're over it so soon.

    Hope so.
    Wow,you did?!
    Gotta say,you're really talented,thanks for answering me :D.
    Since you're a Xion fan,did you make any fanart for her other than your sig?
    Excuse me but can you send me the full picture of your avatar?
    Thanks in advance :).
    i was responding to king sora x's post because it reeked of bitterness from when another member critiqued his own poem in another thread.
    I thought so, too, I mean, wouldn't that be a little awkward? "Hey, no hard feelings for castle oblivion and all that, right?"

    I guess all we ca do at this point is wait. It's up to him... sorry.
    That ought to be interesting. Do you mean from Act One? I thought Bree was great, hilarious, confident and caring. Well, with you starting from scratch, perhaps this time she will become more satisfactory or hold up to your expectations.
    Hm, good point. Axel's still in the clear for now, then.

    That Ienzo and Even seem to be working with Lea, even though he kind of killed them? Me, too.

    I understand... but if you're truly regretting it, you can at least apologize, even if he doesn't accept it. It couldn't hurt, I think...
    "Oh, sorry I almost killed you back there, man, but you know how it is... won't happen again, I swear. *gunshot* Crap, I missed again... Hey, man, can I have a third try at this?" Then again, Axel's betrayed a few before. People can change, I suppose. But trust would be hard to earn back after something like that.
    After working so hard to establish a trust and friendship with someone, it would be hard to just take it back. You have to always know that the same person you hare laughing with now, playing with now, saving each other and everything else... is someone you are going to betray. If you hesitate, it's not as though you get a second chance at betrayal.
    Yeah, I don't think I could ever have what it takes to be one. And they have to be good actors, too. To be a good backstabber, you have to look like you have a mindset like that, one of loyalty and mutual trust. You have to be willing to put some time into earning trust before you can abuse it.
    I love treachery, too, it's great to spice up a relationship, be it friendship, partnership, love... A backstabber adds an interesting dynamic, I think.
    I'll have to look around for those books the next time I can. So he's one of your favorite authors?

    Yep, pretty much. A lot of treachery in the group.
    5 pages of Act Two? Wow, that's really impressive! Actually, I missed some of what you wrote at the top. So I'm reading the rest of it now xD Well dialogue is better then nothing, right?
    Thanks, I'll get to it in just a minute or two. Just replying to oncoming vm's ^^'

    Yup, that would be correct. Great, well I'm gonna go read your story now, so talk to you in a bit.
    I don't think I've heard of Garth Nix. What kind of books does he write?

    I think that's how mine is to, more or less. I know where I want to go with it, it's getting there that's in the planning stages.

    Hard to explain what I have planned... The main character is a secretive girl. She and her friends live in relative peace, but they're all aware that a friend of theirs is hiding the past from them. Also, the main character is of very questionable morality. ...Like I said, had to explain... For me, at least...
    Sorry for taking so long, got interrupted, that I didn't see your other post till now. It's fine if it's a giant wall of text. So you found a way to share it with me, alright, yeah just send me a link. I'll read it, even if it's not all original or edited in some areas.

    It's fine that you haven't heard of them. Patrick Rothfuss would have to be my favorite though. Mostly because it's a fantasy novel and really long. So you think you would like some 16th century books? Well hope you find some time eventually.
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