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  • well I really want to help you out, but I don't know what to do, I guess just do your best.
    what are you talking about, Yuna is with you you don't have to have Tidus out if you don't want too.
    Just train Lulu up unti lshe learns the movie, it might help you defeat the monster, see this game you can't rush threw it you have to level up as much as you can, because after this boss you have to fight another one that has mines, and then you have to fight Yunalesca which she has three forms to kill, so if I were you level up some, it won't take long. then fight him.

    because if your having a hard time beating a boss, that means that your underlevel.
    All you have to do is get all your aeons overdrives filled up, and som eof your characters too, cast bio on him, and then use your aeons overdrive to kill him, bio does 2000 damage each turn that he has, so it should take him down quickly.
    alright, thats cool because I'm atually really confused on which fiend your talking about.
    hmm I beat FFX along time ago, and I don't remember a turtle fiend in the game, hmm sorry. Do you have a picture?
    which boss? are you talking about Semyour, if you like I can help you with him, he's no that hard. Oh yeah happy birthday in a few days!

    but yeah you'll be the first person to see me.
    are you serious!?!? you love auron and you haven't even beat the game my god. lol.

    But yeah I'll be uploading my videos of KH Re CoM on youtube if you like! I'll even show myself.
    I know! I'm getting my name changed to Shadow just to let you know. I also am planning on making a list of games that I'll be getting for this entire year, when this year is over I should have over 100 games lol.
    Yeah I know, I mean I like other gaming companies but S.E. has to many good games. I just can't wait to get KH Re CoM, it looks so cool!
    Yeah I decided to put KH Re CoM In front of FFX and FFX-2 becaue I'm still playing FF12 as of right now, (I'm doing pretty good in the game level 16, just beat the 3rd boss in the game, and I'm falling in love with the game even more). But yeah after KH Re CoM I have to go back to the DDR games, because I miss them so much!
    HIYA AURON BUDDY whats up!, ok so this friday I've decided to get KH Re CoM, I'm sorry, but I'm just to excited to wait for 358/2 Days.
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