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  • A small number of rappers left are in gangs, not all of them being killed since it would be on the headlines all of the time. It's not even actual gangs usually it includes companies vs companies but in a usually violent manner instead of a diplomatic one. Shame really, most rappers are actually intelligent at their core, but they resort to nonsensical violence. *sigh*
    See the thing with Lil Wayne is he's trying way to hard to be hard core gangster like the other rappers out there; he's making an ass of himself. He should tone it down a bit instead of trying to be tough since he's failing at it miserably.
    Rock is the only style that hasn't been corrupted compared to the other genre's of music. Smash Mouth is a classic along with Korn, LP, Metallica, Journey, Papa Roach etc etc. just throwing out examples. That pop and rap shit can go burn in hell, at one point I could tolerate it, but now it's just too much.
    I find that music not of American origin more original compared to the new ideals of Americans where pop and rap are the only things in. Other countries tend to keep things original which is something everyone should do. Sadly the more Miley Sirius sells the more people want to buy -_- (using her as an example of course.)
    Most of it's in Russian, it's commonly mistaken for Japanese though; she does speak it though and Russian as well as English too. Her music is beyond recognition <3
    I hope you see to that...
    Right now I'm just listening to Inner Universe by Origa; amazing stuff.
    I hope you do that, otherwise it's basically post count bumping, which is a penalty in itself.
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