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  • kewl. But u should try listening to more recent songs. Any other high school tips for me?
    Its cool. And they just scare me for some reason. I get frightened. Wat music do u listen to?
    kewl. woah....i didnt mean that much info. I'm indian......i live in Florida. I'm 5'8 too. I'm straight. Had 4 girlfriends (so far). And play a lot of sports. Also i think gay ppl are evil.
    kk, so since we only met yesterday can u tell me more about urself? just wondering.
    Family guy is retarded, yet funny. George Lopez is awesome. His head isnt really that big......
    1. there should be a space between no and one. 2. I'll try watching it sometime. 3. Wat other shows u watch?
    well try to do the homework. It shouldnt be too much of a problem. But otherwise, score really high on tests.....
    dang....u had a hard life......just like Auron. I think there are some cures for ADHD, but one of my best friend also has ADHD.
    not all teachers are bad. In 6th grade, My language arts teacher always gave me an "A" on every assignment.
    ahahaaahaha......i feel srry for u. My teacher never made us take notes. But he gave us a pop quiz almost every other day.
    lmao......I had that same problem in 8th grade. He taught us nothing. Everyone was failing tests, but he still thought he was the best teacher in the world.
    cuz most of my friends are takin it. The classes shouldnt be too hard......xcept math.
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