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    Region settings for ps2

    I just got my Ps2 from Thailand and i brought it back to America.It played original ps2 games just find, but when i try to go online it said region error -833 or somthing like that.is there a way to change your region settings?oh and my ps2 is a slim version.
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    Is Asia's Birthday

    ASIA'S BIRTHDAY THREAD Yeah is my birthday so anybody who gives a (censored wrd) can leave a comment here.
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    Is Asia's Birthday

    Yeah is my birthday so anybody who gives a (censored wrd) can leave a comment here.
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    _-+=The Shortythugsta Fanclub=+-_

    This thread is dedicated to the cocky arrogant crazy headed and somewhat generous to me but im not sure about u shortymgnugsta.Now to join this fanclub eiether post or leave a comment as i well add u when i get on my comp which is like eiether every weekend or WTF how the hell should i...
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    Page loading prob

    Everytime i try to go to gamerenders now the page will never show up. Is eiether just loading there or eventually say error loading page. I've seem to be having problems like this all the time with almost evry website. Please help
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    Under the cloak

    What do u think the organization members look like without there cloaks? Do they have bad sense of fashion? Do they drees like a 3yr old iono
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    1.Roxas gots to be first since he is sora's nobody make him all powerfull 2.Xaldin i believe too be more powerfull. 3.xemnas leader kick ur ass 4.saix 5.xigbar 6.Axel 7.Zexion 8.Marluxia 9.Leaxus 10Laxrene 11.Luxord 12.Vexen 13.Demyx after 4 too me the strenght seem to be obvious
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    Who plays kh2 for only disney character?

    What if square and disney started a collab with the naruto universe haha.
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    Who plays kh2 for only disney character?

    kh should get a universe of its own with no disney of ff characters.
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    Who plays kh2 for only disney character?

    Well the game is less of a collab and more of a disney type game with nomura button smashing idea lmao
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    Who plays kh2 for only disney character?

    Iono bout u but i look forword too both FF and disney character. So for me is even on both parts. If u play kh for just disney anf ff tell me how does it feel that some crazy character invaded ur fav character world.
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    beat sephi at level 50 on proud. There is an easy strategy to beat him.Abilities to have item boost so high potion will recover most of ur life. Defender for defense in a pinch and oncemore just in case uy almost die. 1.let him uppercut u in the air then do retaliating slash and prees triangle...
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    [not sure if mentioned]

    yeah ok roxas is a sailer sheesh his bed is probably design like a boat or soming
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    FMA beginning songs name

    ok im doing this for no reason but if you can guess the bands name and the song u win. Iono what u get i might make u an ani or a sig iono i just want too see if people know.
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    i said reflect continiously at that part to stay alive.Thats why put it in shortcut is a needed magic.