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Ashes Remnant
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  • Lol thanks, it was nice catching up with ya dude, wish ya the best, and Merry X-mas and Happy Holidays. (for the sake of showing religious tolerance on the intawebz lmfao.)
    Damn dude, someone's got on their A-game 'goin, nice. I'm putting in my best effort to move out. Going to New York when I get the chance, and go to school up there as well. Just hoping it all works out really.
    I gave the name change thread an uber fast skim <_< >_>. Cats out of the bag on that one.

    Anyways dude, I really got sucked into life, lol working two jobs now, writing a colab RP with S/\|T0, and i still find the time to make signatures and harass people on MSN. Truly this is no greater multi-tasker than I. (other than the fact that I have to walk to both jobs, everything is just splendid XD)
    Lol not much dude, I see im not the only one who took advantage of name changes. I tried to search for Ankoku, but came up with squat. How i found you, well im just cool like that xD.
    It's Darien. Big D, little a, little r, little i, little e, little n. Formally known as KenT.
    Lolz...what are your SNs..
    So I can add you...YOU MUST GET ON!!
    That's good, I'm happy for you. ^^
    So do you still have an MSN or Yahoo?
    Long time...no talk Cody!! *hugs*
    I've really miss ya bunches.
    So how have ya been love.
    advise for Ankoku just post about the lost battle at Feater against the kingdom Nojska show your rulers anger is that any help at all
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