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  • Hey so did u get my sob story what do u think about it and Nazofire isnt on much anymore WHY? *tear*
    Actually I am quite turned on, don't ask me why X3~

    Eh, you like rep, and obviously I do too xD

    And thank you, Iridium and Xenotime are actually elements, well at least Iridium. Xenotime is actually a compound ^_^ I'm such a dork, well I can thank Chemistry for that. Still thanks I am glad you like them *hugs*

    I'm gunning for Iridium and Solemn Nights, just wanted to get some opinions first before I make the final decision, I'll have to be stuck with what ever name I have for a year so I better make a sound decision ^_^;;;
    No problem hun ;3
    Compliments to someone as gorgeous as you is a given.

    Well take your time, you have plenty of it to find one that you prefer over others. And when you do make it to premium expect some congradulitory rep, that is if I haven't repped you beforehand XD

    Thanks ^_^ I have a couple more too: Iridium, Somber Sorrows, Xenotime, Magnastorm, Marx, Wisdom's Rein (sounds like a guild name XP) any opinions on those?
    Eh don't worry about it you look fine :3

    Thank you, it was a valiant effort >;D Though I miss being premium a bit.
    Still it's not a surprise I got this far so fast, on my other account I am at about 4,357 posts in XD

    Well you'll get there, and honestly I foresaw a name change the first time I saw you XDDDD still I was thinking of changing mine too. Honestly it's hard to type without a copy pasta (well from what I've heard from others) and I was looking for something more poetic. How does Solemn Nights sound?
    Judging from your pics you are =3

    And I'm alright, finally made platinum.
    You're getting close to Premium too.
    Hey SRMX uh r u gonna help me girl situation or not? sorry about being so pushy but i need help like now!
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