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  • Hahahaha!

    God I love that quote, so true ;-;

    I'm not worried about power, just on how to use it correctly XD
    But thanks for the support, with everyone behind me I'll do fine!
    Haha nah it's fine :3
    Sweet I wish I could have seen that XD

    And you rock my sox too <333
    Well we have a good amount of things in common other then just that :D
    But Matt is a generic name so it was just coincidence.
    I see, I think he's either infatuated with you or he wants to be good friends but secretly wants to get in your pants <.< But I know what you mean, my friend matt (Who doesn't like me though) hangs at my locker around 4th period. But I can't blame him since his class is so close to where my locker is but it does get annoying as he tries to close my locker once I have it open =___=

    But the lie was a good idea, surprised it didn't work this time as it usually does. Cheeky little bastard D:<

    Well I am at the mitts of puberty myself but gladly it's slowing down a bit.
    I however still have those urges that are a bit out of my control, but I cope with time haha. Guys are stupid and honestly are odd looking O_O I can't surmise how I had two girl friends and they both thought I was attractive. If they were using me I could understand but me, ATTRACTIVE!? You got to be shitting me.
    *Sigh* I'm starting to think love in highschool isn't real anymore :( either that or I am too picky or something along the lines of that. Some relationships can be considered serious but a majority of them aren't. All the raging hormones and such just makes things worse. And yes with everyone pairing up it's a bit depressing... that sinking feeling in your stomach v.v

    Eh guys are stupid xC case closed.
    You'll just have to wait for them to mature a bit >;3

    *pats back*
    You'll get your time off, I swear <3
    Eh relationships aren't all that important at your age.
    You have all the time in the world for it so no rush or anything.
    Still at least 3 out of the 7 turned out to be alright and you're friends with them ^_^
    But the stalking everyone can do without <.< that's just a no....

    And I almost forgot, younger guys are idiots XD
    I just assumed so sorry about that.

    Ah yes another school semester ends and a new one begins, another 3 or so months of hell v.v Same here, this 6 day weekend thing is just by chance since the teachers are having a convention in Atlantic City.
    Meh, we all have qualities that we don't fancy.

    Oh my O_O
    So you got a triple dose of the creepers, that doesn't sound fun. Escpecially for the last one, and the guy that's stalking you D: stalking is just pathetic, unless you are paid to be a spy of the government <.<

    Hehe why not look at yourself in the mirror a bit, you're cute :3

    Seems to be the opposite for me, more compatible this year which is great ^_^
    Sorry you have a crappy selection ;_; well have you observed those outside of your grade? I'm looking at sophomores, very few freshmen and juniors >;3

    Yup 6 solid days of gaming and excitement! 8D
    But when I get back another shitty marking period =___=
    D: I guess I can say the same; Procrastinators UNITE!...tomorrow xD

    You'll find the silver lining it just takes time and patience :3
    And as for the creepers (which I ignored in the previous message; sorry) tell them to back the fuck off D=< seriously if it gets that persistent.

    And hun, I am the KING of narcissism, I don't mind talking about you at all ;D
    It's not selfish or anything, as long as I listen, respond accordingly and vice versa there's no problem!

    As for me nothing really new, just scoping out my horizons and checking out the ladies ;D so many! But an average number when you twiddle it down to the compatible ones. Other then that I am enjoying my 6 day weekend ^.^

    Ah yes, the stresses of school is something I can show sympathy for *pats head*
    Man that's quite a workload, I am surprised you can make it to KHI O.O
    It's alright though, eventually things will even out, there's always a silver lining ;3
    Knew that would attract your attention >;3
    I'm fine just chatting it up with Aldrain and trying to get another post accomplished in my boss guide thread....

    How are you hun?
    I got a pic of myself up in my album if u wanna know wat i look like. its a bad pic but ohwell its the best i had :(
    Uh need help i cant upload a pic to my album, it says that theres a data base problem every time i try to upload a pic wat do i do?
    Best I've felt in days, I have to say this is one of the worst weeks of the entire school year. Besides that I'm fine, just listening to some tracks from SSBB.
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