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Recent content by Arosukirx

  1. Arosukirx

    How was it possible?

    Yeah I just wasn't aware that he still had the ability to control them from wherever he was... But with hemmoheikkkinen's comment in mind, about Roxas being awoken after Axel's death it makes more sense. This makes sense! I'd never noticed the change. You're right though, the original is...
  2. Arosukirx

    How was it possible?

    Yeah I guess it would have to be something along those lines, just thought it was odd that the samurai nobodies got involved too.
  3. Arosukirx

    How was it possible?

    Playing Kingdom Hearts II FM for the first time and finally got to experience the fight between Sora and Roxas but it made me think, how was it even possible that fight took place? Or did it happen at all? I assume something happened because the samurai nobody blocked Donald and Goofy but they...
  4. Arosukirx

    Ven and Roxas

    KHIII is going to involve Ven being saved, right? But in DDD Sora says Roxas deserves to be his own person. So this begs the question, can they both exist at the same time? Can there be essentially two identical beings? Will Roxas still look the same when Ven's heart is returned to him? If...