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  • I don't have Frozen Throne lying around, and I uninstalled War3 because my computer was a bit too old for the amount of space it took. I'll take a look around for the disk, but I can't guarantee I'll find it. :\

    You were in the LK beta? That is pretty awesome, I think! I probably would have flipped the fuck out if I got in...

    Well, hey! You've got your priorities, and you've got you income. If either shifts in order to account for WoW, let me know!

    Nah, I'm not sure they've got WoW in Belarus. Or that anyone from Belarus would be playing on a North American realm. Actually, no one's ever brought it up, so maybe I'm not the only one who didn't know it existed...
    I... also mained Orc. I tried to go with NE for a while, but they never really appealed to me.

    Yeah, I've got a Death Knight I play on pretty often now, too, but my heart will always belong to that badass Paladin.

    Amen to that!
    Also, I totally did not go over to the Horde for the elves. They just... happened to appeal to me the most, okay? ;_;

    Nah, I fucked up even worse. My pally's name is one letter away from "Belarus". Mostly because, when I made it, I had no idea that Belarus was a thing. And he was too high leveled by the time I figured that out for me to reroll. ^_^'
    I think... I would probably yell that too. I mean, the Alliance would never know what I said, but they'd probably get the gist of it.

    The classics, eh? I've pretty much always played a Blood Elf Paladin, though I've tried to level a few Trolls, to varying degrees of success. I started out Alliance, because my friends were always playing it, and leveled a Night Elf rogue pretty high, but when everyone else quit, I re-examined my allegiances. Nowadays, I'm pretty much totally "FOR THE HORDE". And by nowadays, I mean... like, for two years, or something. Seriously. Horde rules.
    God, brewmasters were awesome.

    Yeah, I don't get that. They let you play as Worgen, and they even retcon the Draenei a new history, but now Pandaren? Come on, Blizzard! Give Chen some love!

    You played Horde too? Yeah, it'd be great if they were Horde, but I'm with you with them getting in at all, and stuff. I mean, I know I'd play 'em if they joined the Alliance.
    Someone actually noticed me... Is there trouble brewing?

    Well, hey! They're all the fun of drunk people, but with the added comfort of pandas! Also, brewmasters had that awesome "split into three badass pandas" ability, and Chen said some funny stuff. I will push for the introduction of Pandaren into WoW until the day I die. Or... until it does. Probably the latter, but I might keep at it even then!
    Awww, thanks! Yeah, I made it for a competition in the Digital Media section of the forums. It was a Marvel themed thing. But I came out in last place. :( Then again, I was pit against really good siggy makers like The Citrus Cult and gamergirl, and King Sora X, so it was bound to fail, lol.
    So, do you have a DA?
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