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  • Lolheavy. And well, you can hold onto both then. And yeah, the DSi has it's perks though; it works like the Wii in that you can go the the store to download things and keep them on there.
    Lol a fat piggy. But yeah just make sure you find that SP first then, since you can't play GBA games on it and you want the original CoM.
    Heh. Yeah, you'll most likely find it cheap so cool, and then you can pay full price for the game you'll end up wanting, aheh. DS's are cool though; I just got a DSi not too long ago.
    Lol. Was it a CoM = Re:CoM thing are just parent ignorance.

    Though actually, I suggest getting the original if you're up for it. It's probably cheap to get and better if you're not too savvy with the card system. I feel bad for saying it, cause of missing out on voice acting, but the game as a whole is equally as lovable.
    CoM probably. I always liked the cards and have been convinced (lol) the plot's the best, though I agree. KH1 is great to me though, with 2 being meh.
    Lol. I think it's a bit of a running joke here at KHI. I remember a bunch of threads a few months ago concerning the word.
    Yes I has. Also, my tastes are old, and I'm a big fan of bands like Queen and Foo Fighters, and even some classical. But I could never pick a song.

    And lol. They're censoring c o n f o r m i s t
    Well, it did go from brief mention in the book to a cool-looking special effects scene at least. I mean it did get cool mention, plus I think it was a good idea for an opening scene. But yeah, fifth was very meh. It felt too much like, a more current movie, and the HP movies always had this kind of non-********** charm that I think was missing.
    My older brother isn't in the house anymore, or at least not around me, cuz I live with my grandma at the moment. So >:D
    I'd excuse it if it were good storytelling. The fifth one wasn't that great in my opinion, and the fourth was quite rushed. It's that bridge scene that gets to me though, looks cool.
    Yeah, I think it's been storming over here during the nights. I wake up and it's all dark and wet. I haven't seen it, but want to. Heard some good things.
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