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Recent content by Arclight Cicada

  1. Arclight Cicada

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    That and for me personally, I think there are some tracks where their remastered versions are much better than the originals, Fields of Honor being one example IMO.
  2. Arclight Cicada

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    I figured the story would be very minimal in this game, so I'm not too surprised to see it's only at the end. To me, this pretty much affirms we'll probably be getting maybe 30 minutes of new story tops. The point about boss fights though is really disappointing. I'd question there only being 3...
  3. Arclight Cicada

    News ► New screenshots, Mickey and Kairi renders for Melody of Memory

    If Kairi isn't playable at this point, the twitter account is seriously trolling us...
  4. Arclight Cicada

    Melody of Memory official website updates with more confirmed songs

    I think the DLC will be what gets it up to the 205 mark that was datamined in the demo, but I think the base game alone will have the 143 songs we now know. It seems like a strange move on the marketing's part IMO if there's really 200+ songs at launch yet they only say 140+ across all the...
  5. Arclight Cicada

    Melody of Memory official website updates with more confirmed songs

    Sweet! Looks like this is the final tracklist then. I'm glad some more songs from Piano Collections made it in.
  6. Arclight Cicada

    My theory for the kh3 music in mom and about the kh3 outfit mom kairi render.

    We've seen Let it Go and that used Team Classic, though then again, that could just be them demonstrating the song with that team. Here's hoping your idea is the case and we get to unlock KH3 SRK as the final team.
  7. Arclight Cicada

    So we get a kairi render, could she be playable but in mom form

    She definitely gotta be playable since as mentioned, the new cutscenes are going to be in UE4. I don't see them making new cutscenes in the old style, so if not that, it's gotta be gameplay-related IMO. The question is, in what capacity? I'm thinking we'll at least play as her for the final boss...
  8. Arclight Cicada

    Any more news before melody of memory release?

    Immediately this did not age well and I'm thankful for it, lol I feel like she probably is since I don't see any other reason for them to make an old-engine render, plus she has her keyblade out just like all the other teams. I'm thinking maybe the final boss will be Kairi vs. someone, but part...
  9. Arclight Cicada

    Any more news before melody of memory release?

    I'm assuming nothing except maybe some more screenshots via the twitter account and, like mentioned above, some early leaks. The part I'm most eager about is knowing what the remaining 40 or so songs are, but I feel like we'll have to wait until release to find that out.
  10. Arclight Cicada

    All confirmed musics so far

    The part I don't understand about that list is coded + Re:Coded and DDD + DDD HD both being there. Were there any new themes or arrangements that were made for the latter in both cases? I'm also surprised that they would include themes from the mobile games and Remind.
  11. Arclight Cicada

    All confirmed musics so far

    At first, I didn't think it was likely since we already had L'Impeto Oscuro, but considering we're getting both Rage Awakened and Rage Awakened ~The Origin~ and those two are super similar, I think Dark Impetus has a chance.
  12. Arclight Cicada

    Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Intro Video?

    If you're referring to the opening, I actually think it's going to be Simple and Clean. Reason being, at the beginning of the Nintendo direct mini MoM trailer, there's a segment that shows Sora doing a Memory Dive by himself while scenes from DDD and 0.2 are playing in the background, but...
  13. Arclight Cicada

    All confirmed musics so far

    I'm hoping they use remastered tracks as well. While there are original themes that I'm glad or okay with having in their original forms, I want 2.5's The Home of Dragons, Fields of Honor, and He's a Pirate.
  14. Arclight Cicada

    News ► More songs confirmed for Melody of Memory!

    This, plus One Winged Angel, Rage Awakened, Graveyard Labyrinth, and the Piano Collections songs for me. In total, I think we have about 102 out of 140+ songs now outright confirmed.
  15. Arclight Cicada

    News ► Watch Our Attempt at the Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Demo!

    Woo boy, Wave of Darkness is gonna be a problem. I'm struggling just on standard. XD