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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    Because everyone else didn't want to be around Mr.Flower Power so they went and fought Sora instead. Marluxia was the last one because everyone had run away from him.
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    :D That was funny! I always thought that Larxene and Marluxia should trade powers. Suxs to be Marluxia, once again. Flower Power..... rolf.
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    Things neccesary to know for KH2....

    At the very end they showed a few pics of him (Reverse Rebirth), but other then that no nothing is know/needed to be known at this time about BHK.
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    Hidden picture!

    Can you explain it again? I didn't get you? But that does sound cool, wonder why they put it there of all places? I think it might represent the meeting place in DD with the two unkowns. I'll have to think about what it means some more.
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    blonde resemblense

    I'm not even going to start with you all. Everyone that posted above sage at this moment might need to revisit the whole point of COM or ask someone with a lot of patience to explain COM for them. Then you should understand the "blonde resemblance" as you put it KH freak. And a word to the...
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    BHK's Name

    No one knows still but all of you're guesses seem about right, good job. Tasogare seems the most likely out of them all. That and maybe Umi to represent Destiney Island. lol wouldn't it be funny if KH2 came out and even when we beat the game we still didn't know what BHK's real name was? I...
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    What Did Daisy Mean?

    Its also possible that Donald and Daisy have a kid, and Donald wants Daisy to look after the child while he’s gone. There no end to the possibilities that could come from this so I guess we'll never know.
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    KH2 all just a dream? *COM spoilers*

    Again its just a theory, I don't think that the whole thing is a dream, but we just have to keep on our toes about what could happpen. I just got the idea cause my parents were talking about Dallas Stars (old TV show). But to defend my theory I will say this. Even though we see him wake up...
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    KH2 all just a dream? *COM spoilers*

    I don't like the thought of it being a dream either, it would be a total waste. I'm just trying to look at it from all angles, just so we don't miss something.
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    KH2 all just a dream? *COM spoilers*

    At the end Sora's story in COM, he goes into the "pod" so he can sleep while Namine connects the chains of Sora's memory back together. What I was thinking was, what if the KH2 is the dream that Sora is having while Namine puts back the links of Soras memory? It would explain a little why...
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    What IS BHK's name?

    I kind hope its a more American name. I mean Disney is mostly an Amreican, so why can't we have at least one main person in the story have a, to what it would seem to us, normal name. But to contradict this I also hope its a great Japanese name that we haven't heard of before.
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    can bosses and nobide,etc. fuse too?

    I hope so, maybe they would do that in like a hard version of the game. It would be awsome to fight a fused version of a heartless and nobody boss, it would make the game insanely harder. But nothing is certain so we will just have to wait, but I think its a safe no.
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    Who are you most like?

    I would say I look a lot like BHK, I have blonde spikey hair and I have black shoes n stuff like that. I'm like a Sora around my firends and I'm happy go luckey. But around other people I don't know or don't like I'm more like a Riku/Leon which gives alot of people a wrong impression of who I am.
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    Best RPG's?

    I was looking for a new RPG for the summer, but there are so many I don't know what to choose. What are some of the best RPG's you've played that you would recomend other then FF and KH?
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    KH/COM trading cards?