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  • I saw that you posted your Master List! I was looking through it and wondering if you wanted me to comment on anything in particular? Of course, there's quite a bit to comment on. But I'm willing to make the effort to try.

    In the meantime, I hope you're doing well! And I really love all of the information you're sharing with us on your story. I still love the art I see you post occasionally on KHI. <3
    You could place it within either of your current threads you made on the forum. I doubt anyone would mind. :3 Thanks for letting me know about it!
    Got it. =D So... you don't mind at all, if it's all in text form? I'll admit, I find it slight intimidating to put my own OC's in just because, I've never put near as much thought as you have into yours. Like seriously, your OC's are out of this world amazing and have a whole lot of love and forethought that went into them. Mind in comparison are like... average. xD That's a pretty cool hobby/addiction to have though. =D
    Take your time! =D Is it alright if I comment about them in our posts instead of the RP thread you made for them? If I was good at drawing, I probably would've added in my own OC's, because I have a few I'm attached to from roleplaying on the forum. xD
    It's okay if you are, you know. =3 Gotcha, then I look forward to anything else you happen to post, and filling in combat information and techniques are certainly interesting and fascinating to say the least!

    Then I shall comment on all the things your lovely self posts! \(^o^)/ Thanks for saying so!

    I noticed. I'm going to have to catch up on reading your new chapters. Did you want me to comment any on your OC's in the RP section any? I understand not wanting to share everything, and it's probably smarter that you don't, so nobody can steal them, you know? (Not that anybody on the forum steals anybodies stuff, cause that's a big no-no, and it hasn't ever happened thus far, so you don't got anything to worry about. xD)

    I noticed! I'm going to check it all out tomorrow, because I'm pretty down down from all the stuff I read today and commented on. =D Thanks for letting me know about it though! I greatly appreciate that!
    Whichever you decide on I'd be more than happy to read. I'll enjoy either one, cause like I said, love your story.

    Thank you for telling me happy birthday. C: Happy to be supportive, because you're a lovely girl with amazing fan-fiction I love to read on here.
    I could've sworn I saw an updated chapter yesterday. :O I was going to read it today, since I was too sleepy to do it yesterday.
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