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  • I have like 4 gyarados lol. It's just a beast pokemon in general :D

    The only other things I had were Victreebel (mainly just to set up sunny day for my competitive gen 1&2 team, but it has sucker punch too. I was freaking out when it got paired up against your Cacturn, because I couldn't do anything and I knew you'd set up spikes. So I was going to switch to espeon on the first turn, but I thought about how badly it would suck if you killed me right when I switched into it, so I protected instead lol), Kecleon for special attackers, and shuckle for physical attackers.

    Gyarados was my only attacker with espeon KO'd. Everything else I randomly chose was a wall lol
    I think I'll just pick random pokemon from like 5 different teams of mine, and see how it works out XD
    Dude!! It's been way too long!
    What have you been up to?
    I saved that battle number to my laptop to watch it later and never got around to watching it, and now my laptop's broken so I can't lol.

    I have an OU double battle team that's not my trick room team, I'll battle your gym leader team with it if you want.

    Gyarados is pretty damn bulky and Starmie's special attack is only on par with a lot of OU pokemon. Then again, electric attacks do x4 damage...

    UGH I HATE using Garchomp. But you kind of made me when you switched out to kingdra. I honestly just switched it out to die because it was the least important thing on my team, but when it survived I wasn't going to say no to a sweep.

    Still, I feel like a loser for using it :( gg though, I thought I was going to lose there at the beginning.
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