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    Mandela effect?

    Never happened. The reason you're probably confused is that the scene with the fairies, where they changed Sora's clothes red blue and green, is based off a scene from the film Sleeping Beauty, where the fairies are originally from, and in THAT movie the analogous scene depicts the fairies...
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    New game post kh3.

    You make some fair points. Perhaps Roxas and Xion were more simply overblown and underused. And yes, I am acknowledging that some characters from the Xehanort saga will continue to maintain relevance in the overarching story going forward, such as Ventus and others. I'm just hoping this trend...
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    New game post kh3.

    What I think we'll get and what I'd like to see are two very different things. Of the choices you've laid out, I'm pretty sure the one we're going to get is the DDD 2/Sora+Riku game, even though I do think the two of them as a pair have been overdone to death at this point. My personal...
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    Spin-offs You Want to See (regardless of how much sense they make)

    Just because it would be fun and interesting. Not to mention that it would add much more diversity to the heavily Disney-centric universe. I love the animated movies as much as the next guy, but their library is starting to run a little short, and they won't be able to get through many more...
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    Possible KH3 ReMind reddit leak

    Wow. If that's real, it's definitely a LOT more than what we got in KH2FM. Which makes me really happy. I'm a bit hesitant at the idea of... ********SPOILERS!!!******* ...another guy in a black hood being the secret boss yet again. Especially since the only person I can think of who would be...
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    I mean, I personally disagree with the premise that the songs in KH3 were somehow more forgettable. I actually remember almost all of them quite well, enough so that if you were to play me a random one I might easily identify the world and the context it comes from. And I've only played the game...
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    Spin-offs You Want to See (regardless of how much sense they make)

    Honestly, and I know this sounds pretty basic, but part of me would be interested in seeing a game that takes place during the ten-year gap between BBS and KH1 that shows Maleficent's conquest of the worlds and all the shit that was going on at Radiant Garden before she arrived and took it over...
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    The difference between links and summons.

    Disney is just off-the-rails overprotective of their IP. They have absolutely no faith in anybody outside their own company to do anything interesting with "their" characters, and I put "their" in quotations because nearly all of their IP is just lifted straight off of old literature, fairy...
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    Who is Riku Replica referring to?

    But, see, that's what doesn't make sense. If Sora and Riku were sent back into the bodies of their KH1 selves, then how could they have sailed out on the raft when they didn't do so in the original game? Wouldn't that constitute a divergence from the original timeline, and thus a rewrite of...
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    Who is Riku Replica referring to?

    I'm pretty sure he was referring to Merlin, who has time travel abilities inherited from his original movie The Sword and the Stone that don't mesh with the time travel restrictions Young Xehanort mentions in Dream Drop Distance. Of course, even though I'm certain he was referring to Merlin, I...
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    The Chess Room (Mod)

    Just further evidence for my theory that Twilight Town is deeply connected in some way with Scala/Daybreak Town. Not only the same language (which is basically Nomura shoving it in our faces), but also the clock tower architecture being so similar to Scala's towers, and the heavy unicorn motifs...
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    My biggest question which I know won't get answered: When did luxu stole Xigbars body?

    I wrote this in another recent post, but it's more apt to put it here: I actually think we may have seen Braig before and after Luxu's possession. You'll remember in Birth by Sleep, we see Braig with and without the yellow eyes. Now, for a while we've been conditioned to believe that yellow eyes...
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    Did The Master of Masters Teach Xehanort How To Body Snatch?

    That's an interesting theory, and one that holds a lot of plausibility. Personally, I'm inclined to agree with you. Furthermore, thinking back on it, I've considered something I never really thought about before. One of the big questions I've had since the KH3 epilogue was, how is it that...
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    Which Organization Members Were Replicas?

    Yeah, you're right. I meant to say 12.
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    Which Organization Members Were Replicas?

    A different question: if only certain of the 13 were replicas, how was it Xehanort had replicas of all 13 of them ready and waiting in Scala ad Caelum?