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Recent content by AR829038

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    Would Re:coded be better with more worlds?

    Yeah, I always found it strange that they cut out so many worlds. It felt pretty half-assed to be honest. Like, I would have cut down the worlds they did have by like 2/3, and then added in all the other worlds (minus Deep Jungle of course) to at least make it make sense as a retread of the...
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    "Leak" season

    I swear to Christ, Odin, Shiva, Zeus, AND the Horned God, if they put out another mobile F2P game, I'm gonna pull my brains out through my nose with a coat hanger.
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    Can we talk about the cricket....

    Jiminy Cricket is the MoM confirmed. In all seriousness, I think the simplest solution is like what Ernest-Panda said: The gameplay journal is not meant to be totally correlative to the in-universe journal. However, there is a very interesting plot point surrounding the journal that makes that...
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    So, Apparently Kairi CHOSE For Her Heart to Go to Sora, Because She Sensed that ASOD Would Steal it Otherwise

    Sounds similar to what Riku did diving into Sora's dreams subconsciously at the beginning of DDD. There's so much lore in this series that would serve the storytelling so much better if they were actually clarified IN the games rather than in these erstwhile Japanese-only ultimania guides...
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    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    To be fair to the developers, it's hard to put a lot of attention towards detail when your whole game gets kiboshed halfway through development because the higher ups make you switch to a new game engine. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a lot of things in KH3 that Nomura had to scrap in...
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    Bosses you would redesign

    Which boss in each KH game would you like to see redesigned in terms of its behavior and mechanics?
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    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    Another thing I never noticed is how Monstro's cutscenes with Riku change if you do Neverland first. I've always done KH1 in the same order, so there's a lot of alternate cutscenes like that that surprised me to see when i got older, like Snow White appearing instead of Alice at the Great Chapel...
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    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    Yeah, the Leon reaction command at Hollow Bastion in KH2 is one of the most recent surprises I've seen. Other than that, there's the fact that if you cast Firaga on Riku-Ansem during the fight at Hollow Bastion in KH1, he'll retaliate with Dark Firaga, which he never does otherwise. And then...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts music appears at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

    Honestly, I'm content with this. This is something I never imagined would be possible, and yet it's real. I'll remember this day for years to come.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts music appears at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

    This was honestly incredible. And they played it over and over again, too. 10-year-old me would never have believed something like this could happen.
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    Spoilers ► Do you think MoM & Foretellers become main villains in the 2nd phase ?

    Based on what we've learned from the UX finale, I'd say the answer is...complicated. The Master of Masters, I think, is definitely going to be the big bad, either by himself or as like one of two big bads, the other being the most powerful of the 13 Darknesses. With the Foretellers, their core...
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    Where and when do you think the next Kingdom Hearts will be announced?

    We can't expect such a short announcement-to-release window with the upcoming games. MoM was a game with barely any story, comparatively simplistic mechanics, and a ton of reused PS2 assets. It was a much smaller project than your typical KH game. If the next game is an intermediate entry, I'd...
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    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    People also tend to forget how troubled the production of this game was, and how much that factored into the bad pacing and clumsy climax. I do think Nomura could write the Disney stuff in the narrative better if Disney would allow him more leeway in utilizing their IPs, but that doesn't mean I...
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    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    The problem isn't the amount of Disney, it's how they're handled. And I'd agree with KingdomKurdistan—the original sections of the games are what need more work in terms of writing and cinematography. The vast majority of the more "animated" moments in the game came from the Disney worlds...
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    Does anybody know when Global is updating?

    Yeah, I'm playing it right now. I will say, the official translations do give a slightly different impression of events than the fan translation, but I can't forgive the wait time just for that. I really pray that SENA never lets this team near the Kingdom Hearts franchise ever again. It's...