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  • I hope you get banned. And what the fuck do you mean by, "tell all your friends with pussies"? What does pussy have to do with this?
    Oh, I get it. You think you're cool when really, you're just a very desperate poser. You think that maybe if you act like yourself, you will get the respect out of everybody. I have been here longer than you and pretty much, I've already blended in while you keep sticking out like a sore thumb trying to go with the flow with blatant swearing. Hey, at least you're having fun. It makes it fun for the rest of us because we get to laugh at you as you put yourself in slowly rising humiliation.

    I find it ironic that you haven't taken S/R/K off your friends list after dissing her, by the way. Now if I was anything like her, I'd get banned too.

    Edit: Hi there red box!
    Well would you look at that. Rep is temporarily back on again. I'm pointing this out in advance so you don't have to act like you're smarter than me, which you're not, anymore.

    Your welcome.
    Name all the times that I have been wrong. Go ahead, do it right now. True, there are times where I am wrong but at the same time, my statements would be right later on. There is always a 50% chance. You, on the other hand, are very wrong on the most part because you fail at being careful.

    You have seriously showed me that you are a complete retard; as much as I am frustrated at you right now throughout this conversation, you fail to think back and get your facts straight. When did I seem like I was insulting the new disabled rep system? Check back on my post again.

    And "wannabe-mod attitude"? FYI, if you haven't noticed, more experienced members on this site all act diligently. Unlike you, I type my posts properly and actually think about it before I end up rushing through and end up looking like an idiot. Why don't you do that from now on? So, you know, you can stop looking like a moron in front of everybody and treat the situations well.
    Mother fucking Christ. Do you always have to throw a fit every time someone, or just particularly me and a few others, makes one mistake right on the spot? The fact that Zack had edited after I had replied, at the very least, shows how much you don't think before you act. Why don't you improve on that and maybe I could start having any sympathy or respect for you at all, dumbass.
    Well that's stupid. You deserved the rep you got. Maybe if you didn't act like such a moron, people wouldn't fucking hate you.
    No, you flatter yourself by thinking that anyone would want to stalk you.

    Also, old fart? Is that seriously the best you could come up with?
    ??? Vandread? I am not Vandread. Doesn't change the fact you were being stupid.
    Hahaha! Stalkerish? Don't flatter yourself.

    Anyway, you're still wrong and if you can't accept that after me giving you solid proof, I have nothing further to do. Enjoy being fucking braindead. The rest of us will keep laughing at your expense.
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