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  • Whassuuuuuup? God mode? Yeah that thrown through a building crap and sustaining minimal damage irked me. At least you got Rena right?
    Yeah, it has been a while, hasn't it. Wait, what are we talking about here; BBS being out or not talking in a while.

    Try working at a car wash towl drying; so you're constantly exposed to the elements, not very fun when it's really cold out lol. Sorry if that sounded bitchy at all, feeling kind of tired and I seem to have a mild headache today, so it's getting on my nerves.
    Hi, Aphex. *laughs nervously and pokes back* Well, to be honest playing BBS and being mad at my laptop because it has effectively died on me. It won't restart at the moment, so kind of been sulking about that fact. How have you been?

    I'm currently at my grandparents house sitting, so thus why I've got access to a computer right now. Here's hoping my dad will make some progess on the stupid thing; if not it's back to using my mom's.
    Hey I just wanted to ask you a quick question! I already asked Piercing Light, and he cleared it as long as I explained it, but I also wanted to ask the people who are in Traverse Town all fighting too!
    Do you think it would be alright if Anya obtained a keyblade somehow in the battle? I just thought that it would add some more drama considering that then if they lose and go to the head of the empire that instead of one keyblade weilder it would be two and if they win they both would still be hunted by the empire? Juuuust wonderinggg!!! ^^

    EDIT: Btw, if any of what I'm saying is confusing, just tell me and I'll clear it up. I tend to confuse alot of people sometimes...including myself :p so yeah.
    Ah, alright. I'll read it and try and find a way out of your attack. That or chase after you if it's a run.
    Not sure what's goin' on in your life, but thought that I'd let you know that it's your turn to post in Solace in Night(Or whatever the name of that KH RP is). Ciao!
    I've been in college, trying to get this graphic design off the ground so, I can go into game design, I gotta train so I can start MMA, and i'm trying to write a actual book that I can hopefully transfer into a manga. I got alot on my plate.
    Damn straight it has. I remember we had a fall out over something dumb. I haven't talked to Jen in a long ass time. So what's up?
    Lol. I'll try.

    I used to be Zato who became King Naruto then Reckless Chaos, then Chaotic Misery, then My Nigga, and finally the name I have now Nigga Sauce. You don't remember that days me, you, and Destiny_Seeker aka Jen used to rp in almost everything together?
    Damn that sucks. if I can get my post off then you might get some help.

    So how you been...Steven if I remember correctly?
    Excuse me, my very old friend, but is your character still in battle with darkfyre's character in the KH rp? I'm trying to get us all the good guys together so, we can get this rp on the road.
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