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  • Yeah, I know what you mean on the busy thing I've gotten the first four chapters done for it. How is your YouTube stuff going?
    Lol, nice to know about that. I've been alright, recently started working on trying to write a book to get published.
    Thank-you. And like I said to KZ, I understand the whole busy schtick; there's times I've considered quitting RPing recently because of my college schedule. I just wanted an answer, that's all! ;p If you do, cool; it'd be great to have you back. If not, that's okay too; unfortunately, growing up comes with responsibilities that eat up our time a lot more than when we were younger, so I get it.
    Hey, remember the Melodies RPs from back in our learning days? Skitty and I were thinking about starting them over again, *yes, totally stealing that idea from Rena* and we wanted to know it you'd be interested/able in joining again. You'd get first dibs on the Angel of Darkness, too, if you'd like.

    Adrian: *sizes up Daisuke, examining his past incarnation for similarities*
    Sorry, I saw you on the active members list. I've been doing okay, getting ready to go back to classes tomorrow.
    Recovering from the slaughter of my muse? Finally got back on last fall, and it feels like I never left. Though it does seem that one thing is true. When they say welcome to the forums, they mean welcome for good...
    Hey, long time no chat, huh? Looks like you've kept improving. Nice to be RPing with you again, even if it seems like the feeling isn't quite mutual. *pouts, even if there is a mischievous gleam in her eyes*
    Congratulation Aphex, how's that been going? :) And yeah, she is thinking about out it; I've been talking to her about it and she's said okay.
    *falls over and laughs* I've been pretty good, and I think the last we talked was early last year? Dream's talking about joining Traces; she wants to get a couple of templates done before hand; including Terra.
    I haven't really paid attention to the Traverse Town business, everything was so vague in the beginning. You guys are attacked right now, right?
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