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  • i would agree, but i cant say i remember you (sorry)
    have you been gone awhile?
    lol I may have missed a few words when I replayed it a couple of weeks ago but most of the others I had right! ^^;
    Yeah, Phantom was especially hard >.< Bring a bunch of ethers with me and end up using them all when not even half of the fight is done! Then there's the part where you can't revive your party members which sucks. lol I never put my mom to the test but at least you did better to me. I lost so many times against the second Riku fight I actually memorized the lines @_@
    Same thing with me. Couldn't beat any of them! Kurt Zisa I got down to the point where he'd start summoning orbs and throwing them at me. Summoned Bambi once =P Then I died. They were crazy @_@
    S'okay! I beat the guy after the second time of water clones unless there was a third time ^^; Was on beginner too! Just trying to beat him as fast as I could before he got me.
    Xaldin I'm pretty sure I beat on my first try. Came close to dying though >.< Think I went Anti Form once.
    surprisingly, to me, i beat demyx in the second battle before he could have a second chance of water clones
    while on beginner it took me forever to beat him
    i beat Xaldin in two tries but my forms were as high as i could get them
    That's good. At least you're on proud mode. I've never tried it once! ^^; Demyx...and Xigbar...>.<
    Thanks. You tried too! Pretty much average over here as well. Try and stay below "expert" or "proud" mode of games =P
    lol I tried at Sephy once on my first try, died, and never went back at him until my 3rd or 4th play around. Couple more times and I finally beat him XD
    Way to Dawn could've been cool, but the tiny part of using it with Riku was enough...sort of =P Probably a cheat that will let us use it with Sora but bleh!
    lol Took me almost four weeks to beat KH2 my first time around on beginner but only because school was still going on and I didn't have a whole lot of time to scrap around on it ^^;
    lol XD That's crazy. Never tried it out like that. Just go around wacking whatever Key I put in the guy's hand.
    That's what I try to do when I get a new game. Trying to get everything obtainable even if it's junk XP
    >.< Oooh. Hope you do get one. Get the black one if they come out so you don't have to bother with the non-sleek white one =P Games sound like they'd be cool though I heard Sonic and the Black Knight wasn't all that good. I've never played it so I can't really judge but maybe it'll be good for you! =D
    That's sort of what I would've avoided with my mom. Just needed somebody to drive me lol Wondering about the sleeve too. Pre-ordered mine at Gamestop but I don't want to cancel and reserve it online just to find out if the sleeve isn't all that great =/ But I do want one! XD

    As for my Wii, yeah it's pretty cool. I don't get to play on it a whole lot. Did this summer but most of the time my little brother is messing with it. Hoping to get my own in black should the design come to the U.S.

    You got one? ^^
    Hopefully the guy hasn't lost the game already! I went in and pre-ordered it myself. Can't trust my anybody to do it for me and actually give me back the change >=/ Translation guides are probably scattered here and there around the internet. I'd get the Mixes myself, but I wouldn't go through the trouble of importing and getting SwapMagic. Just stick with what I got now ^^
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