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  • Oh no need to worry about that, I've been lazy checking my messages so it's cool. Yeah, I'm certainly not the only one to feel that way so there's reassurance in that I suppose. Only thing I have to worry about right now is Finals D:
    Senior year has its perks but I'm not all too excited about making the bit leap into real life. I can pretty much handle myself well in almost any given situation but I still fear the world and its challenges. Eh, a couple of friends of mine have thought about it but I doubt we'd pull the money out of our asses for something that big. And partying is not something I'd like to do.

    Well, when I did take care of the house and lawn I got payed 20-50 a week so whatever.
    Lol enjoy it while it lasts. I was stressing about it mainly because I only have one year to be with friends... that's it. And when summer comes around I have absolutely nothing to do but stay home. I can take care of the lawn, do chores etc. but that's about it :\
    I responded late to your reply, I believe, so nothing to worry about. Oh you're so lucky, I have several more weeks before school is over ;-; then again at the same time I don't really want it to end... summer sucks :\ and good luck with sorting things out, I'm sure it will go smoothly.
    Lol it's all good, just glad you're still around and kicking. I'm fine I guess, quite a stressful day but I survived, you?
    I don't remember the details unfortunately. Though Xenogears and Xenosaga are different enough to stand on their own from what I've seen/read. The series' last Episode has been out for a while so that's probably why it's not talked about as much anymore.
    I believe Xenogears was similar under Square, but there were some personel problems or something and it switched over to Namco...I don't think the two games actually had much in common besides writers or something...I had no idea Episode I was on PS2 I always thought it was just playstation.
    Also I would probably have a hard time tracking down the first game. It was on Playstation I think...
    You're welcome, and Thanks.
    I haven't played it either. Want to really bad, I have no money either.
    You're welcome. You seem like a nice person.
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