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  • yeah i guess having it with Riku was enough

    of course my stepbro played it on a weekend
    it took me about a week and a 1/2 because i tried desperately to be Sephie at lvl 45 and got his hp down halfway
    lol itd be cool if we coulda been able to use Riku's Way to Dawn

    yeah that crazy idea would take forever

    i remember my stepbrother played KH2 the day he got it and within 2 days (with close to no sleep and only stopping to eat and go to the bathroom) and got everything first try proud mode
    yeah im trying to do that on KH2 proud mode, but i have a goal to create a series of data where the weapons i choose at the beginning are attack,attack or attack, defense or defense, magic etc. and then ill get max amount of each synthesis item and get the best accesories on all 9 datas XP

    EDIT: and ill have all difficulty modes on each of those datas so thatll be 27 datas i think
    no i dont have one.. sadly
    i want one and that black ones looking cool

    im hoping i get one for my birthday because Spectrobes: Origins comes out the 19

    im also thinking about sonic and the black knight

    i tried to get my dad to preorder it (i was literally holding the money in my hand) but he gave me the speech of how he might have or might not have gotten it so he wasn't going to get it right then because he couldve gotten it but i dont think he did

    i really would like it from amazon because of the special sleeve thatll be released with it

    i saw that you have a wii, do you like it?
    im hoping my dad preordered Days with release date delivery

    yeah im going to question that guy about the game when school starts back up

    and id probably get the final mixes if i knew if there were translation guides
    so wich KH's do u have? i have KH2, CoM and Re:CoM i'm hoping to get Days

    my mom used to have KH1 but a kid at my school either stole it or lost it when he borrowed it.
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