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Recent content by ansemjafar

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    What order?

    I remember them saying that there was an order to play the characters in but I am not exactly sure. Can anyone help me on this?
  2. A


    That trailer was awesome. It is sweet to see Even in this game. =D As well as a few of the other original six.
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    My Birthday

    I just wanted to inform everyone that my birthday is tomorrow May 3rd and I shall be 26.
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    Help/Support ► Let's talk about sex, baby; let's talk about you and me

    Re: [ MATURE ] The Sex Thread [ MATURE ] To answer your question D. Yes I am a virgin. Does it bother me? Not in the least.
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    What do you think the outcome would have been if Vexen lived?

    personally if vexen lived and was not killed by scum, then I would have liked to have seen Vexen in kh2 to make a an evil Sora replica.
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    Left 4 Dead rp sign-up thread

    Left 4 Dead surrounds four people who work together to survive against hordes of zombies. But these aren't your ordinary zombies. These zombies are fast. They will run up to you to try and kill you. Also there are four special kinds of zombies called the infected. Each unique in appearance and...
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    Derek Stephan Prince is Vexen, Epcar & Chris Lee returning

    I wonder how Prince will do with Vexen's laugh. I liked how it was done by the Japanese actor. I wonder if it will be just as good.
  8. A

    Derek Stephan Prince is Vexen, Epcar & Chris Lee returning

    I would like the guy that did the american voice of Vicious from cowboy bebop to voice marluxia. that or tim curry
  9. A

    Derek Stephan Prince is Vexen, Epcar & Chris Lee returning

    It just suprised me hearing him talk with the hood up. Then he takes it off saying he is ansem. If it was zane doing the voice then i would have said. he sounds like ansem. He wasn't bad as ansem. juwst zane sounded better. that's all. hey maybe he was doing something else at time . who knows...
  10. A

    Derek Stephan Prince is Vexen, Epcar & Chris Lee returning

    I have to agree with that. Billy zane was is and will always be ansem
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    Derek Stephan Prince is Vexen, Epcar & Chris Lee returning

    I wasn't sure who the guy was until I saw he did the voice of Mitsuru's father in persona 3. He will be awesome as Vexen.
  12. A

    Persona 3

    Persona 3 is an awesome game. I really enjoy playing it. Although the questions that they ask you in school are difficult. Stuff I have no idea about. At the moment I have deated the mini boss on floor 85 of Tartarus and I am at lv.30. Has anyone else played this game? And if so what do you...
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    Fanfiction ► Living Memories: A Sequel To A New Journey

    Hi angels. I know that you are busy but my new chapter of the traveler is up. Also I enjoyed the preview chapter.
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    Fanfiction ► The Traveler

    Hi everyone. Here is chapter seven. Enjoy. Ch.7 Confrontation A month had passed since James was last seen. All of the skeletons searched the city hoping to find him. There efforts were all for not. They figured that somebody would have seen him by now. His friends were beginning to fear that...
  15. A

    Fanfiction ► The Traveler

    Hi everyone. I know it has been a long time but I am almost done typing up ch.7. Let me tell you that up to date this is the longest chapter.