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    The 7th Pupil of the Master of Masters

    Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 has finished the Dark Seeker saga and the story of Xehanort comes to a close, many fans are pondering the new tale that Nomura began in DDD and has built up in the background through Re:Coded and mainly KHUX and X Back Cover, the tale of the Foretellers. Amongst the...
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    Master of Masters and his Apprentices connection with Verum Rex/Versus XIII?

    i hope nobody minds if i necro this thread but its better than starting a whole new one I too noticed this parallel between the new KH plot and Versus XIII/Fabula Nova Chrysalis mythology. The war over control for Kingdom Hearts X is a bit similar to the war over the Crystal in Versus XIII and...
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    News ► Nomura shares first details of Kingdom Hearts III DLC

    Interesting that theyre going with the name "ReMIND". I read someone else say that its not noteworthy as other titles in Kingdom Hearts (and also TWEWY) use the "Re" format. But there is something noteworthy in that all of those games were remakes or re-releases. And every single KH spinoff...
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    ToyBox and the Power of Waking?

    Yeeeeeouch I didn't notice that! Well there's most of that theory down the loo. Still, is it shown how they get back to the previous world? It could just be Xehanort's demise. Aww, that's a shame, I thought i was onto something, still some good points in there I think though, like Nomuras...
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    ToyBox and the Power of Waking?

    Hi im new to this forum, big fan, yada yada, okay Now As You Know™ a large amount of time in KH3 is spent going through various worlds trying to discover the power of waking. The conclusion to this was a bit lackluster (Sora you knew in your heart all along), but there is oddly enough a...
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    News ► Nomura shares first details of Kingdom Hearts III DLC

    Wow some serious bitterness and cynicism over here about the news, seems a lot of people on this forum weren't a fan of the finale. Yeah Its clear that more effort was put into the Disney side of things than the main story, the lack of trios interacting with each other was a let down, there were...