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  • Hi! :D

    Normally, I should be in bed but there is too much stuff going on in my mind. So, as of now I'm just surf around the internet.
    So true!

    And if you're bored or something, you can check my role-play: Kingdom Spirits. It is sort of an combo between Digimon, KH, and TWEWY.. but I'll say it's Def both Digimon and KH. :)
    I could make you your business cards, since I am leading in to a graphic design career after high school. However I think we are both getting ahead uve' ourselves. cx

    I get what your saying, you're absolutely more comfortable when you have a physical copy uve' whatever you are editing, that totally makes sense. Welp, I'm about to start the first revision uve' We Were Loyal. Hope I can give it some well deserved justice now.
    Yeah, something like that. :)

    I see... As for me, I'm considering cleaning my little place, but the snow here is making me feel all lazy. To me I'm like 'yeah' then 'meh' until I find myself totally doing it anyway. *shrugs my shoulders* Oh, well!
    Yeah, like three pages but with longer chapters.. XD I'm thinking about updating it sometimes in the future.

    Anyway, how are you doing this afternoon?
    Hi! :D I don't think we ever talk, but then again I'm always forgetful anyway.

    So, how are you doing tonight? And just so you know that I'm on an tablet, so typing this out is totally hard than you think.. XD

    Um... I used to write my story, Infamous: The Beginning of Tyranny until life got busy and I never got the chance to update it, but you're welcome to check it out anyway.
    Aha, with wishful thinking in mind, if I ever get the chance to publish one uve' my stories as a novel, I'll be sure to have you as my editor if you want. C:

    I only have about 2000 words so far in to it, so I have the utmost confidence that I can get it done by the end uve' the next week at the latest as well as the first part uve' the 50th (how my chapters are going to be layed out, by written days in Sven's journal.) As far as editing goes, couldn't you use Google docs? I'm certain that there was a way you can edit, highlight, mark up, etc, writings as you go. If not, I sure hope you can find a printer soon Annoyance.
    I feel so bad about having you do all this work for me. ;.; I do appreciate it, but however how about we meet in the middle? I already have somewhat uve' a full grasp uve' what you have said, so far at least. So before you do anymore contributions, would it be alright if I completely rewrite the first chapter. Have you review the revisions. Then move on to the next, and finally the 3rd? Take it as a type uve' "class" if you will; not being able to move on, until passing the first test then so forth.
    Long story short.

    It it is essentially a signature in my writing. Or at handwriting. In a sense it is a litteral way uve' saying my writing is different. However I've been getting some criticism uve' it by my friends. I've been using it less frequently, and only on here since it's already been a "thing" so why stop now, you know? I hope that clears it up. c:
    Oh that sounds very exciting! I wish I could've been there and witness the whole thing myself. It's wonderful you had such a terrific time at the con. Thanks for sharing! Who did you cosplay as? If it's all right for asking. Can I see it? :3
    Hi~ (^_^)/ Sabrina, it's been a long time I last contacted you since a year ago. How've you been? I hope life's been good to ya. ^^
    Sorry I was busy with my exams, I posted the photo of Captain America's shield, I'll post the other props I have soon :)
    I'm actually pretty impressed with the quantity of writing in fanfiction. Like I said, most of those are multi-chapter series. I'm just bad at reading them. Fortunately, KitKat more than makes up for lazy readers like me; she somehow manages to read and comment on every single thread. And I was fine with the journals too, when they were popular--blogs and forums are both opportunities to write to different audiences--but again, I didn't read them.

    I miss when the focus was on short stories and critique, but that changes with what members are posting. As long as people are writing and commenting, that's fine.

    Still, let me know if you do get around to writing something on or off the forums. I'm always looking for something good to read.
    Similar. I haven't been very active lately, but I've decided to give roleplaying a shot (and... interviewing), and that's been fun. Which is good, because Intel has dried up and Creative Writing is mostly multi-chapter series about fandoms that I don't know.

    I apparently have too much time on my hands, because I keep finding myself on the forums nonetheless.
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