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  • Wow! Those are awesome list and I was little disappointed to see The Hunger Games in until you mentioned it. Also, I really wanted to read The Perks of being an Wallflower, but never got a chance to do so and the movie as well. :/

    And that's interesting about that bit of the background. I kinda of assumed it was in the book.
    *smiles* I do need to start reading some books, but there are sure alot of interesting new books to enjoy... Do you have any recommendations for me?
    I think I see it now. And it makes sense when you look back at your works, you can see how it should be and what shouldn't be.

    And I totally get what you meant by big boy words; I often see them and I think to myself, 'hey, wait a minute... you said that then you go around and do it'. It drives me nuts sometimes!
    Even if I got the plot all worked out? And by limited by how this character would see, would it be due to lack of imagination and so on?

    I believe I did this before on another RP and it seems to work out well thus far. *waits on a certain person to update that RP*
    Ah, thank you for reminding me. :)

    And yes, I meant it to be relatable but stupid auto thing screwed me up. The reason I asked that is because I've been working hard on a RP that involves powers and I have decided to do my character in first person, but couldn't figure how make it real without pulling a Mary sue or something like that. It has bee sometime since I did first person view for writing, so.
    Questions for you: One, what is the difference between First and Third person view? I know I should know it, but it has been some time since then and would like to clarify that.

    Two, how do you make sure that characters can be more related despite having superpowers or something similar to that?
    Well, that one was on purpose as she succumbed to her instinct before finishing her thought. Though I guess I could have flubbed up my intentions. either way my pc's connection is out of commission, so I'll just have to roll with the punches!
    Oh, my bad! *waves hand in knowledge*

    Again, I should check everything out that you're giving out. ^_^ And sorry for the slow response, I was at church then went to get some milkshake to enjoy on the go back home.
    This is so interesting.. and I didn't know there was a book about this. I suppose it shows how of a newbie I am..

    As for specific dialogues, I'll like to see an example. If you want to rip one from my story or yours, I'm game for it.
    I'll keep quiet about that one. :p

    Oh, I almost forgot to ask this: the dialogues, would you mind explaining it to me? I'll like to learn or relearn it so I can handle it better when writing something that pops in my mind.
    Wow, that's pretty good.. I remember some time ago it used to be around $10. Of course, it might have been when I got my PS3 for the first time.

    And I need my rest.. Tomorrow's going to be busy!
    Yeah, I can see the benefits of it. Of course I'm iffy on the price since you'd have to pay for it monthly, I think.
    Aw.. D: If only you could be Flash then you'd have more time to enjoy everything. ^_^

    Oh, so you have Netflix? How is it? I haven't experienced it, so I don't know how it works yet I want to see the new series that Marvel's doing: Marvel's Daredevil. :/
    I do leave it in, but of course with my batter being several years old and not enough money to replace it tends to make me sure to check if it's plugged in or not. Plus, the hole that keeps the plug in is kinda broke (it was totally an accident from me getting up too hastily and tripping over it, causing that damage.. T_T), so it doesn't help much.

    Absolutely true that no one's perfect. ^_^

    Yes, yes, you did. And I'm sure your hands will require some rest or ice.. Either one works just fine. :)

    Oh, just so you know: I'm little over-hyped right now due to seeing the new Flash episode that came on a while ago on the CW. I don't know if you watch it or not, but my Kupo; That episode was so full of awesome thing including the reveal (which I knew after the mid-season finale) of who is the Reverse-Flash and TIME TRAVEL!!! Geez, why can't next Tuesday come here already?!
    Same here. I recently just finished up a post for a RP of mine and my hands' all red, so.. Plus, it doesn't help to have computer problems like the battery dying on you in the middle of a post then having to wait several hours to get back to it. :/

    I totally love CD's works, especially CLASSIC. He's just too good and totally gives off humor which I love the most. :3
    I just might start doing that since ideas are upon ideas. :)

    So, how are you doing this fine evening?
    Wow, that's amazing! :D

    I started on writing when I was little and I pretty soon liked to it until I got rusty from not doing much.. To be honest, Infamous: Tyranny was my very first work since being back on track with writing.. xD Of course, I tend to start on some new ides and forgetting about the current project on hand.

    And after reading some awesome news about Marvel's Daredevil being on Netflix, I thought about writing up a story but I'm not sure of it yet.
    No worries, take your time.
    ...Wait, by first chapter do you mean the first thousand some odd words? Man, you're getting in there deep, huh? Again, I appreciate you going through my stuff!
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