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  • well duh? little obvious don't ya think? i mean, how would someone not know what image they are posting on the internet! D:

    but, if ya had posted that since the start, im sure it would have saved your typing for something more important, like "chatting w/ da boys" . lol.
    how am i being a bitch? i just don't know you. and here you are trying to make me know you. damn.
    well whats ur name BEFORE the name change? =_______=
    goddamn, how do u expect me to know you? your not famous or anything so stop whinning about one person who doesnt know you.
    if ur not in the FI, FoKH, Anime/manga, or sometimes video games then i dont know you.
    its like some kid from inferno coming at me telling me if i know em. of course not!i dont even know what inferno is.!
    what opinion? all you said was "theres a thing called proof reading" like your SA or something :I
    who the fuck are you?
    before the name change?!
    do people even know you?
    gtfo noob.
    y r u even talking to me?! i don't even know you!
    you're not cute so stop trying to.
    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey wassup
    well its going to be gone soon and this one is smaller he'll have it up tonight im sorry for the trouble i really like the pic
    I just came by it somehow. Sorry if it bothered you. I think you're cool, you have nice eyes also.
    There is a picture of you holding a Pokemon toy in your hand.
    ....The one in your album?
    Just chillen I guess, I saw your pic and I left a comment. ^^
    yea sorry,it just got very annoying cause it kept happening for awhile
    anyways with the thread i didn't know that all my threads were posted before
    first of all i didn't post in every single anime thread and oh well so i do even post in it, doesn't really matter or does it bother you?well my bad
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