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    i just saw a picture of your whole face........... your pretty hot i'd date you(among other things) (no homo) (i dont know why i said no homo youre a girl) (a hot one at that) (and i already liked you before i saw your face)
    i have to tell your eyes/slash personality is sexy
    How about using "Band" instead of "Bond". Now that would be similar, yet not giving it away. This would prevent Square from using the same tactic. It also make since because to "band together" is creating a bond. Also, rubber bands bond things together.
    Yeah, though I wonder if how stitch will try to say "Bond" in the english verson. After all "Izuna" means "Kizuna" in japanese, so we won't have "Izuna" in the english verson.
    You mentioned it in chat one time kitty cat.
    Oh and I said "some months" not a couple. A couple is two...
    Thats where my boot camp is. Great Lakes ;)
    Max/souleater, hes been a member on here for awhile. I had an acc on here a LONG time ago so i forgot the pass.. so i made a new acc because i liked the site.
    Sorry bout that, like I said im new to this. Friend got me into this site, so its nice to have some friends who know what their doing =D.
    Chi-town! Im going to be down there in some months or so.
    Shopping for clothes and junk?

    That was kind of creepy to read...

    "So you are.

    Guess what.

    I'm on yours now."


    So hows is the annoying kitty kitty today?
    "yes because im sooooooo mature so i wont do what u want :OO!~"
    ok. proof reading exists. sooooo... you want me to wiki it or what? is that all?
    you know, i post my posts the way i do for a reason. call it image call it stupid idgaf. if your not happy with spelling or grammar then go look at some other threads or posts with people who actually care about looking good while typing on the internet. i personally dont care. too lazy. but hey if ur a grammartard then go knock urself out!
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