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    Oh man I haven't drawn KH in forever...

    HERE HAVE SOME FINAL FANTASY IN THE MEANTIME SO ahem...Way back when, in another forum, a bunch of friends and I started an FFTA2 RP. It was so much fun...and then the forums kersploded, and we lost it all :'D Well not really, we had RP logs and stuff, but we never continued it after that for...
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    MSPaint Fantasy

    OH NO! A fiendish Ogre has kidnapped the Princess!! Who will save her?!!! Rules: The object of this game is to defeat the Ogre and to save the Princess. The Ogre currently has 500 HP, and will be defeated when it no longer has any life left. You, the players, must defeat the Ogre within 500...
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    Rode here on the 3D hype wagon. Figured I'd stalk the main site for juicy morsels of news like the old days. Not so much an intro; honestly, just posting to see who's here and who isn't (though I sort of know that answer already x3) Wellllllllp, Imma mingle around the forums and be lost in...
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    So it's the end of the world...

    ...what's your last message to it?
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    Weirdest Sounding Keyblade?

    Which keyblade, that when used, made you think "this doesn't seem right" Especially in all those dramatic and cool situations and Battles? For me, it's still Sweet Memories. It's bad enough it sounds like Sephiroth (or anyone you use it against) is getting beaten up with a squeaky toy (and...
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    Chicken-Legged Robots versus Spider-Legged Robots

    Will the backwards-legged menace defeat its multi-limbed foe? You decide.
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    Will Mankind need hair?

    That mad tangle on your head isn't exactly beneficial in procreation or technological innovation. Presuming several million years ago, the descendants of the human race survive, will they still have those mops on their heads?
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    12 Deaths and a Goodbye

    List the end of the 13 members of Organization XIII, with 1 being the best Death (or in Roxas' case, goodbye) and 13 being the worst. 1- Zexion- Probably the most violent death ever in a KH game. His death is proof that some Organization members don't mess around. (At least until they find out...
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    Not Another Epic War...

    YouTube - Pirates Vs. Ninjas -__- Which side do you choose?
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    Uktimate Favourite POkemon list

    since we have a lot of favorite pokemon, and several reasons (or categories) as to why they are our favorite, I decided to make this list, so poeple won't post specific one-shot favorites.... And the categories are... Favorite Baby Pokemon Favorite Pokemon as a Female Favorite Pokemon as a...
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    itt we wash our hands

    YouTube - Captain Safeguard Episode 1 I give it a 99.9% germ-free thumbs up.
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    So why shouldn't Nobodies Exist?

    The game keeps telling us that Nobodies don't exist, that their emotions are a ruse that fools even themselves, but we never have a real reason as to why. When the Heart is seperated from the body, the darkness takes it and becomes a Heartless, than the body fades away into the realm of darkness...
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    The Summon Game

    Rules: 1.) The Poster Summons an object of any sort, be it inanimate or otherwise. 2.) The next Poster has to give the previous summon an ability (as outlandish as the summon itself) before he/she can summon as well. 3.) Lather, rinse, repeat. Example: BEGIN!!! I summon a Giant Mushroom...
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    Most Villainous Disney Villain?

    In my opinion, it's Cinderella's Stepmother. She's got that whole, non-blinking bright, green eyes that stare from the darkness working for her. Plus there's nothing she enjoys more than tormenting Cinderella and ensuring her a sad ending, at least as far as she can go.
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    Beet the Vandel Buster

    I've seen a few episodes, and I'm already fairly lost. With the show's premise, I'm wondering if this is based on a video game. I just kinda like all the characters toting big weapons. What's it about? Is it any good?