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Recent content by AngelJade

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    Trailers and Actual Game Differences

    Wasn't there supposed to be a scene where Sora runs up Memory's Skyscraper? I thought I saw that in a very recent trailer......
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    YAY! I thought that I wasn't getting it until the 30th but I got it today. That totally made my day. =D
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    VINCENT all the way....he's sweet.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    W00T! It comes out right before my Spring Break starts...Yay I am so lucky! =)
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    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    hahaha...I noticed that after everyone else asked for it to be put on YouTube no one did it, but after I did it was....I feel so loved heh. Thanks so much.
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    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    hm..I could'nt see it...it just had the white arrow that said it was playing..but it was not,I even turned off my firewall to. Will someone kindly put it on YouTube? kbai.
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    High School Musical

    Is any one else obssesed with this Disney movie?? I mean it IS cheesy and annoying..........but the songs are like......STUCK permanetly in my brain! Anyone else having problems with this? Or just inparticular like this movie? You can also say if you DON'T like this movie......and why.
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    CardCaptor Sakura&Vandread

    CCS I'm talkin about the Japanese version,of course, cause the English one was retarded. I thought CCS was good even though it was a magic-girl show. And I thought Vandread was a little random there, And what the crap is up with the blond whose breasts bounce all OVER the place? Plz tell me yur...
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    Who`s the most pretty?

    Kairi cause she finally get's some boobies! lol.............
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    Passion (read only if you've seen KH2 opening FMV)

    *gasps* Im.a.hero????! *throws all her potatoes up in the air* the day of reckoning has come! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! *ehem* thank you and you are welcome kind sir.* grins crazily*
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    Passion (read only if you've seen KH2 opening FMV)

    I think you can get it on FilePlanet but I'm not sure.........
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    Japan Gets Kh2 In Time For X-mas, And N. America Gets It For St. Patrick's Day?!

    Hey it's coming out around a Holdiday(my birthday March 7) just kiddin put your pitchforks away...............
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    Sora's masculinity

    *Chokes on her potato* holy poo, that's strange looking. Poor Sora everyone's gonna think he's gay or something now. *Shakes her and and slowly walks away trying to get the image out of her head.*