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  • You'll do fine. Just say it, don't doubt yourself. :p

    Oh, and BTW...
    ~~The cat-boy loooOOOOoooves you~~
    Well, good luck.
    I'm sure it will go fine. <3

    Do you have any signature ideas? :/
    That's usually how it works. I guess just say it.

    Are you reasonably sure he'd take it well?
    Considering the mere possibility of thinking about telling someone is farther than I've got, kudos to you.
    bahaha. Yeah, I'm waiting on that to happen too. It's inevitable. Every once in a while I like to pretend in my mind those type of debates don't spawn up everywhere though. <.<
    Well, I'm not surprised. :p

    I really should. School effed up the schedule again. Instead of just having classes without any more my crushes, now I just don't have classes with anyone of my friends. It's all people I don't know. Been having the most lonely days. :/

    E-oonnnnnnes? You should tell me who. Well, if, you know, they're on here.
    Haha. That's great! I don't even know if I have a crush, anymore. I should get on that.
    Driving is pretty fun. Get's bland after a bit.

    Ooooh, really? How did you find out?
    Lol I can't blame you either, hardrive space is precious when you want things to run smoothly. Plus it comes in handy >;3
    I might give it a shot tonight actually, but I doubt I have the space for it. I'm trying to save up on space since my hardrive is almost full (Pr0n), though I can get a 250 GB external hardrive for 60 bucks :D
    Don't rush because I have yet to set mine up as well. My router wouldn't take to the DS for some reason, so I'm going to give the Wi-fi connector a try; just have to download the software for it.
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