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    AWSOME! he is one of my favs to :D
    Is your ava Zero from Vampire knight? =3
    Technically we have actually talked so now will you please accept my friend request?
    No im just saying its not worth it for me to go through all that just to be your friend I mean that in the nicest way possible though
    Its okay. I dont want to be your friend that bad.
    Just so you know that's one of the prettier pins in the game. I love that brand :3
    Yeah, they were great!

    I write the stuff in my head, and store it away for later. I have the ending to HCTB written out in my head. Just not on paper yet.

    Don't worry. You can do it!
    I write my stuff in order. Just start at the beginning.

    I'm glad that I am making you want to write!
    Well, what did you think? Good things, Bad things (please. I want to improve) and what do think will happen?
    i havnt seen vampire knight or chibi vampire, but i have heard good things about both. I like Things like FMA, Death Note, Eureka seveN, neon genesis, . hack, etc. lol, too manyXD
    kh and ff are awsome, and so is chocolate, lol. those are basically my addiction problems too, but then i have another... anime! XD
    Lol, gotchaXD but I must warn you, don't play it if you cannot handle fierce addiction problems, you won't want to put it down^^
    The popular nintendo Ds game, The World Ends With You(known in Japan as "It's a Wonderful World". If you have or plan on getting a Ds, The World Ends With Yoiu is a must ^^
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