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  • Dein Deutsch ist sehr beeindruckend :D
    Honestly, your German seems really good. How long were you studying German again?

    Oh, and I'm so sorry for the late reply D: School work is killing me x_x But luckily, my vacation are coming up soon~

    How is school and everything? Hope you are doing well! <3
    Good, I guess.... I've had some bad things here and there but I've made it through the year! I still have about 3 more hours till the new year... you???
    Hi there :3 It's been a loooong time my friend, how goes it?

    Let me hear/read your German which, in the meantime, surely has progressed xDDD
    Oh! Sorry!I didn't mean to! It's a looooong story...and I'm already having a hard typing up a story that's almost half way done...on my phone! To tell you the truth I really don't know why...Oh wait! yesI do! I was camping that weekend! But I can't think of more stories! My dreams are fuzzy I never have time to day dream anymore and The real world has never been any help!...and yet my life is still boring...you got anything?...
    Nothing really!... It's just I some how have ended up with insomnia...and people keep trying to die on me...But someone is helping me and I'm helping him! So I'll be fine! How about you?
    Ok!!! I love being here...I feel so loved!...unlike the real world....that seems to hate me...Oh well!(I think I've said that to many times in one week)
    Lmao! Sorry! I seem to scare people with my weirdness! Oh well!*dances around in room like a fool*
    Lol, there's no need to rush things. xD Platinum is not much different from being a Premium member, so much I can assure you. :3
    Hey, I only recently noticed that you're a Premium member now! Congrats <3
    Please don't worry about it, I gave you some because I felt like repping you ;3 You don't have to feel obligated to return it, you know :) But thanks anyway.

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