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Recent content by AmaryllisMoth

  1. AmaryllisMoth

    What if the Disney worlds were chosen by the fans?

    I mean, if they did get some trolls who put in "Song of the South" absolute worst case scenario they could still try to make it work by completely cutting out all the live action parts of it and doing a unique take on just the animated forest creatures but it would probably be incredibly...
  2. AmaryllisMoth

    Fan anniversary dates

    I assume they are going based off of Nomura's statement when asked about Sora's birthday, when he said that Sora's birthday was on the day of his game release to be "like a Disney character where their "birth" is their first appearance". Then the OP extrapolated that information at random to...
  3. AmaryllisMoth

    Came across an old Thread from 2005

    I did some digging around and managed to find this image on a reddit post: Not exactly what you were asking for, but I remember this was basically what the covers looked like before the ESRB officially posted a rating. This was I believe the cover for the strategy guide, which was another...
  4. AmaryllisMoth

    Create the WORST kingdom hearts worlds thread

    Sure, why not. (Sorry about your exam, btw) Also, I apologize for everything that follows. *ahem* World proposal 1: Old Yeller (aka "its not rabies, its Heartless!") Sora (at least, not sure about D+G) arrive just in time to help young Travis fight off massive boar-like Heartless that are...
  5. AmaryllisMoth

    Came across an old Thread from 2005

    I believe, unless I am misremembering, that just before KH2 was released there were these sort of prototype game cover boxes that were placed up in game shops such as Game Stop and these game covers tended to have the game rating posted on them. In some stores the game rating was marked as E...
  6. AmaryllisMoth

    The Problem with the Master of Masters' Identity Theories

    I think the reason people are so attached to the idea of "X is secretly X!" theories is because the series as a whole has never shied away from hiding people inside other people, having a whole half a cast of characters be essentially clones (of sorts) and most if not all characters have a...
  7. AmaryllisMoth

    Kingdom Hearts doesnt have many female characters tbh ngl

    Consider this: if you had twins who were separated at birth and grew up in two completely different environments, and the two of them ended up with completely different friends, dreams and life goals but then they end up meeting up later in life and their personalities are actually still pretty...
  8. AmaryllisMoth

    One thing i didnt like

    ^ agreed completely. Not to mention the entire Twilight Town floor of the castle giving clues about Roxas. Vexen's cryptic hints about the "other side of Sora's heart" really intrigued me at the time. Hinting at future games is a HUGE part of the series and how it has always been.
  9. AmaryllisMoth

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    Guess it depends on what you consider as properly depicting love. I don't think you need to have two characters kiss on screen to know how they feel. Not saying this to be wholly contrarian--I live for Sora and Kairi moments and would absolutely die if they added in a direct kissing scene--but...
  10. AmaryllisMoth

    One thing i didnt like

    Disagree, but I do think I see where you are coming from. The issue with KH3 is that from even before it started we all knew 100% where it was going to end up. We all knew there was going to be a battle. We just didn't know who, exactly, was going to be on what side fighting who. But knowing...
  11. AmaryllisMoth

    What was the point of Riku going through so many ordeals to control his darkness...

    And he still can though. As stated before, Riku can still use Dark Firaga in KH3. It's incredibly strong, when analyzing the programmed values for it and is probably his best move when controlling him. Not to mention that, while not explicitly stated that it is "darkness" element, he utilizes...
  12. AmaryllisMoth

    EZ Merit bug? Sky walk challenge achieved without doing it

    Well you are allowed a few steps on the ground for the Skywalk, I forget exactly how many but it is entirely possible that you just got lucky and did the challenge without even realizing it by zipping around with your flow motion! Certainly does seem like you got the full badge to me. I think...
  13. AmaryllisMoth

    EZ Merit bug? Sky walk challenge achieved without doing it

    Are you sure you actually received the badge or just unlocked the challenge? The challenges unlock when you open the menu after various conditions, but then you have to actually complete the challenge to fill in the space to fully "complete" it.
  14. AmaryllisMoth

    Random theory about how Quadratum was created

    Perhaps this is going way off the walls here, but I was considering some old cut scenes the other day and was watching the part where Ansem the Wise uses the Encoder on Xehanort's KH until it ultimately explodes. The Encoder always seemed like the most bizarre piece of technology (other than...
  15. AmaryllisMoth

    Who do you think Demyx is?

    Cozy British murder mysteries are my jam~ I could go for either Dyme or Myde honestly. So long as Dyme isn't pronounced horribly like "Die-me" haha