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  • NO! >,< some boundaries must remain as thine was placed!

    lol grapes?

    ;~; but rory was awesome...
    if that is yer desire then yes, thou art a blasphemer. (gets cross)

    :rolleyes: who me?
    *runs away*
    i cannot tell you for you arent me therefore the game is beyond your understanding~
    contest of wits you say? lol isnt this a contest of annoyance? >:D

    oooohhh, i only do that for one thing which is when i play pool. i use the stick left handed rather than right.

    so what? it still doesnt get passed our "us and them" mentality, in our minds we are people and define other humans as such. pffft Australia also has deadly spiders.

    >.> i just cant help it, its far beyond my comfort zone. tho as for xion thats just a personal grip, didnt really have anything to do with me disliking days as a whole.

    X'D hahah you did! does that mean we're wise then?

    T~T why!? NOT RORY!

    >:} i definitely know it wouldnt be if it was my way.
    *feels odd chill*
    :rolleyes: heehee i know you dont. *_* .....uh what?

    whats selectively left handed?

    *v* but thats to much work for to little pay so i'll pass~
    exactly therefore people as defined by me, a human, would be other humans >:D which means other species arent people but animals and/or beings.

    0,0 you do!? b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but.....eh...whatever floats your boat i guess xD (it just makes my boat sink)

    ~^3^~ but actual wisdom and the level of enlightenment arent the same non the less cause if they were every 'wiseman' would be of enlightened level.
    AUTUMN OF 2012!? to much time! :D me neither the last xmas special was just freaking great.

    :rolleyes: dont we all~
    lol in all honestly i have a small mouth and IT SEEMS YOUR THE ONLY ONE THINKING ABOUT THAT!....wait about what? o,0
    their no fun to you cause yer losing~ pfft thats the point i can always go "prove it!" with IRL people i never meet >XD

    i can snap fingers at least tho my right one is much easier than left.

    *3* lol probably why i wasnt. (i.e me not cool ever)
    people is human people! also i know twas the point~

    T~T its...i dont know disturbing...just cant get used to the girly face the whole game then boom sora with kairi voice...

    either way that isnt wisdom :D that sounds more like enlightenment to me~
    yes! tho with work i dont know if i'll be able to watch the new season every saturday T~T

    ^3^ lol things are only what you wish them to sound as~
    yeah but interpreting them in the wrong way so yes it is putting words in my mouth >:D kikikiki~
    :rolleyes: no one wants to yet they all do in hopes of beating my games~ wiki'ing isnt allowed! it has to be IRL folk deary >:D
    ToT sing...I CANT EVEN WHISTLE! *cries in corner*

    nope i am not~
    i dont, also bison's arent people >:D heh heh

    i got to go now sadly i have to be up early for work tomorrow -_- bye for now.
    xD i was alright with xion until...she went gender bender....no...just no japan...no...

    if i knew what wisdom was i'd be wise myself deary~ what your describing sounds more like exictment (lol yeah i know i spelled it wrong) and imagination over things you cant comprehend.
    HA! X'D he's to busy curing Rory of his "capt. jack dying syndrome" to take care of you.

    noooo but apparently you think i am~
    again putting words in my mouth~ only a silly person takes my words to heart >:D
    >X'D okay then name 4.
    pfft i cant even play a ukulele...or anything for that matter T~T im talent-less...

    :rolleyes: uh huh and i got a flying bison with 6 legs~
    xD its sad how true that is.

    indeed it is, the magic is in the mystery of a subject. no entertainment and excitement is found in such things not wisdom~
    :[ you sure you shouldnt be at a doctor?

    xD many who end up that way dont at first or else they wouldnt be in that situation to start.
    no i didnt you just took it as meaning so.
    :3 what you gonna do bout it? if your a nurse that dont leave much "social free time".
    >:D bwhahahaahah! well im actually eating them out of the box, BARE HANDED, with lights all round.

    T~T alas the thought process of my fellow people in my state, that sentence right there....
    haha >X'D hilarious! if only we had got this in days: Xion "uh...roxas...your a stupid stick"

    ~^3^~ it doesnt matter what mr. Lies says or what you believe the fact is your illusion is simply denying the truth that is my serious 20yr old self.
    o,o dizziness!?

    i dunno usually people, if alone at that age, just wish for a feeling of being needed XD
    never said there wasnt~
    >:D muwhahah why indeed.
    -lol's at your crisis then eats more fruit loops-

    >.> if thats so how do you make it from day to day?
    dont wanna hurt the stick on something so stupid XD might make it a stupid stick.

    the best illusion is the one you believe. pfft thats just the cold talkin.

    0~0 WHY!?!?!?
    xD lets see your answer again at 25 when your alone pricking people with those needles.

    :[ if you feel that bad maybe you should.
    X'D everyones crazy! but seriously both mine need a bitch slap to end all slaps -_-

    or that could be just what im letting you believe~ pfft you dont know drinks then.

    [img] thats cause their evil! EVIL I TELL YOU! *shivers*
    XD awww no mini anagram's for you?

    >:D IM BACK! how is you?
    :O seriously?! cause both my parents mothers are crazy as hell.

    kukuku im 20 miss adult~ *sips Ale8*

    xD i have the same fear of needles yet hearing bout your friends pain makes me lol.
    0^0 then best never have any of your own!

    (im going to bed now, goodnight~) its 2:30am for me xD
    :O sounds like my dad's mother.


    o,o seriously? haha xD probably only one of two people i know that truly afraid of them.
    dont think of them as zombies! just kids hitting puberty~ ;D
    ~^3^~ i'd reply to that but i have no idea what televangelism is lol~

    not so~ if their at a loss for words you win! >XD (yes this whooole time by conversation i meant arguments ~)

    i think everyone is scared at the idea of walking dead 0~0
    that is would!
    but i dont wanna go back there its to much work :O and then someone will be heavily disappointed! plus i honestly dont wish to know what you think that i was thinking that you think i was thinking you was thinking even tho im still pretty sure you were thinking what you think i was thinking you were thinking.

    ^ ^ balls are stupid a real counter is when you make the other one at a complete loss for words~

    this^ needs to be a Zombie movie, theres so many now theres now way it could suck.
    thought of it :I but at the moment im just uploading them at tinypic when i need them.

    hm..sounds bout right but i dont remember any body being heavily disappointed so i dont think its what i think that you think that i think that you think it was. (oh yeah~ i went there)

    ending it to me is dodging not countering~ :O but if you eat all the pretty people then you'll be the only non ugly one left thus making you pretty so you'll have to eat yourself!
    X'D why thank you~ have many more but no site to keep them on lol. had photobucket but after so long i'd get "photobucket has deleted this image" even tho it wasnt.

    what do youu think we're talkin bout?

    xD im not for me i either like or i dont and if i do that dont mean i want you round lots of the time, kinda odd tho work and school have shown me im very much capable of being social i just dont wish to be >.>

    :rolleyes: ah~ the words of one who cant think of a way to answer a MJ joke.
    X'D is dis you then?
    ~^3^~ thank you, made that for a find of mine who also grrs~

    you'd cry!? o,0
    ha! that sentence right there is every day im at work.
    lol guess gifts arent my thing xD

    eh, just how i is. even when i had friends in school i stayed to myself >.> i just prefer it that way.

    XD unless your micheal jackson i dont see your nose coming off or being replaceable.
    haha if you get the sweats that heater will be hell. i do that every day~
    well if your out to be a nurse it might very well be a good idea but you'll hate every minute of it >XD
    eh, i dont care bout presents i just likd xmas tho with the way my family is me and my parents probably wont go but a place or to xD
    oh i know....i know all to well....

    b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but i one of those non-partiers :O i's dont like the exposure!

    ;~; aww *gets a pool patch* will that work?
    lol another one that grr's xD
    haha sadly it'll take more than a day, tho if its just a cold it shouldnt be to bad i think :O
    lol it might be best you dont XD my mom works in a pharmacy, it is not easy nor fun work.
    :I mine is to cause our store decides staying open up til 11pm up til xmas is a bright idea.
    lol wish the ones i seen were eccentric all i get are gov bums and drug addicts (and the occasional crazy ass)

    xD even with family i dont party~

    :3 whatever floats your boat then~
    pft...ahahahahah "awesome immune system"? me? XD hahahaha oh lord hhahahaha oh dear god no, up until i was round 14 i usually got sick with something several times a year.
    D: dont worry maybe it'll be over soon so you can function good again.
    lol if that pharmacy is called "Rite Aid" dont due it...ever...the company is shit and they treat the employs as such to.
    :'O only 6 hours!? ah man i miss those...so...so badly. lol you do get that exhausted :[ my knee and heels were hurting an hour or so b4 i could even leave work today.
    >.> i know i cant handle a "real" job, due to my hate of people (at least the ones here).

    lol if it helps im working tuesday and wednesday to. >.< no way i'd have a party after work!

    have you tried any cough medicine to see if it'll help? xD haha if you had one what would you do during a power outage?
    x'D thats true, plus theres a pharmacy where i work so....wait how'd i dodge the sick bullet so far!? o,0
    true~ then how you gonna kill it?
    lol how long are your shifts? mine was 9hours today -_- so i cant blame you....it'd be bad to cough and hack the whole time.

    fine~ finally get a day off tomorrow T~T my shifts the past 3 days were hell! saturday & sunday was 3 to 11pm and today was 9am to 5:30pm DX< and i only get one 30min break for each day!

    how are you? well considering xD
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