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  • no they dont there is many cases with all parties being wrong xD its just your own ego that demands it.

    no i didnt hear you i quit listening cause of how wrong you are its like your a living version of kh.wikia or something.

    deary -__- when it comes to how pathetic my state is everyone trumps me, it dont make you no better then road island xD

    apparently Xion can be many gend- er things.
    T~T i have to be lol cause my job and hate of people would take me back to that depressive state...I DONT LIKE IT THERE! D: the inner emo lives there....
    lol its tv and Doctor who at that there isnt really all that much logic to begin with xD

    ah but the world is a fucked up place so their is no longer a default for you to actually think you can be proven right with :D

    they are not, quite far from it tho i live in a state full of drug addicts so i guess i'd notice b4 you would >.>

    xD haha xion & heterosexual haha
    xD lol
    lol jealous~ xD one could also just go with Amy's logic from that same talk.
    why does it bother you so badly? just think of it like this she dies in that Library episode with Tennant as doctor (or ends up in a computer whatever) so in a weird time bend way she's married yet he's a widower >XD

    :3 i dont need to prove you wrong cause nothing you've said has proven you right~ yer so annoyed by this you actually get into it and its just sad~
    why are you always about winning?

    no simplicity is for me, stupidity is for fugs :D

    honestly i like that pairing idea to >.> dont know why...
    pfft you couldnt handle all 3 of them.
    the only scenario i see is you, for some reason, hating the idea of song being married to the Doctor XD

    i prefer not to watch that show so i wouldnt know honestly~ buuuuuut nothing you said has dis proven me and nothing i said has done you the same xD
    no i dont see cause i dont remember what you think your winning o,0

    i...know what most the words mean yet you still confused me....i need simple damn it!

    why vanitas no like you behold google has answered yer previous question XD
    *v* if a wedding in an "what if timeline" (dont know what its called* cant be real then a wedding with a meta-doctor in a parallel time cant either~

    xD now i know yer on something sure i didnt see my cousins birth but i do know the details of mine and that show she watches....leaves nothing out....so...disturbing >.< blood and screaming.....but they come out crying! :D plus it has to be instinct cause theres no way man has always had the knowledge of this "secret practice". thus by that logic, which should be basic logic, yer wrong cause if you needed to be taught every baby born to the 1st humans would've suffocated XD
    dont know what it is but i refuse to agree! :D

    it does seem to get similar now and then tho you cant deny you like seeming him write himself out of those corners of his XD like the doctor "dying" at the start of last season. its almost like a game to see what kind of dues ex machina he can pull.
    you could say the same of rose tho :D
    so true~

    so that was you i didnt need to be taught to breath, nor did all the kids on that baby story show my mom watches, nor did my little cousin of which i was there the day of his birth~
    i'd say something bu ti dont remember what we're arguing over was it something bout society? or the breathing thing?

    :O awwww my home doesnt have occasions...
    xD well he's been writing a few of these seasons so he's probably at the end of his imagination stick.
    xD like it was once said "i can remember so it happened"~
    awww why no love for the fez? fez's are cool! :3 that bow tie is pretty boss.

    >.> you went from vanitas to sora now roxas....xD
    i have no idea what you just said damn it!
    no you born, doctor slaps yer ass, you breathe this =instinct :D
    no matter how you word that its bullsh*t >XD we all know otherwise.

    -vanitas runs- awww you did it again! :O

    x'D lol
    :D yer whole family watches it!?
    ;~; i know. x'D haha the doctors married, even now that makes me lol for some reason.
    sadly tho i dont remember any bow ties comment :'[ nor any fez ones.

    >.> sounds like an episode of the smurfs with DBZ level fighting....
    xD you could but would you want to? i mean come on who's gonna pick sora over vanitas.
    you do realize by accidental i mean things like inventions and such right? also you cannot use breathing as an explanation cause that is something you can do at the start its an instinct not a lesson.
    to bad society isnt nothing like such.

    VANITAS!!! *rawr*

    calm down, it was just this one episode~ XD tho not that you say that i guess "i know" was this episodes one liner.

    *v* now now what could be more normal than a existence lacking us~
    ^ ^ or i could ignore its existence! -starting now~-
    it would be for vanitas :O
    :D i never said all truths only most~ cause you have to learn one thing to get to more and we didnt just learn all the things we know like poof some things were accidental~


    thank you~ xD
    :3 but he doesnt say "bow ties are cool" even once this time, actually aside from the start he doesnt really have any catchphrase one liners this whole episode XD

    sooooo~ if you can make something you can break it i.e. if she can do it one way it can be done in the opposite fashion~
    cause you wont let it die therefore its boring now :3
    XD doubt it im not short, 14 or blond so i think im safe.
    i can and i's did~ what does? a lot of things happen by accident thats how you come across it to begin with :D

    lol its not a new catchphrase he says it only bout 3-4 times at the start.

    *v* she has no control so how do you know. and also didnt he get her to change reality back to normal several times~ so yes it is substantial and if you still insist otherwise i can use whole chrono trigger parallel time thing to! tho i'd rather not this is boring now >.>
    then i pick suicide and yes that is always an option~
    *3* no seriously i dont know what you think yer being so "smart/vigilant" about~ and im to blunt to fool anyone therefore i must be telling the truth on whatever it is :D

    :3 i liked it the doctor mod'd a whole house! and the kids kept getting a "0x0 whoa" face and the doctor was like "i know"

    so you say yet thru bribing of Kyon and his influence over haruhi i have -thru them- appealed you and the overminds very existence! meaning i am 4ever right and you aint even here to say im not! NA NA NA NA~
    [img]nope i'd pick Aqua <3
    ah but you see you reading to deeply into it :D cause you actually think i care if yer fooled over something i cant even remember what you think you need to be fooled over~

    Doctor Who!?!?!?
    :3 you should it was decent, tho not as good as last years.

    even so i deny that rejection and thru this denial i am able once again reject yer rejection to the point you no longer exist in the same universe as me leaving both of us to a reality that the other cant reject!
    >X'D pfft hahahahahahah!
    i's not using reverse logic just nulling what you used with my dont give a rats ass attitude towards all things *v*

    ....Midna? 0~o
    oh no im not in denial, they all had moments of awesomeness however they still not attractive~

    i reject yer rejection therefore it didnt.
    D: awww why'd you say that MX lost interest.
    haha if you think that would work on me then you are not that great a judge of character XD parties and people are two things i couldnt care less than a damn about.

    thats what makes it so easily bent no? *v*

    0~0...Yen sid?
    *v* the only thing i see is her tsundere-ness for capt. fal- er touma.
    pssh hater~

    T~T no. :D i like stand up.
    :3 i deny your fucked up physics and substitute them with mine own! therefore i wasnt.
    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -insert pedo-smile mX image right here-
    pfft then why would i want to go to start with XD

    *v* i didnt cheat, i bent the truth~

    yoda? o,0
    DONT CARE! :3

    >~> -scared now-
    haha misaki XD
    and no, no they werent none of them~

    ugh forget that then >.<
    couldnt have been cause i was gone, so you must deal with it~ :D
    just give into the madness other anagram...GIVE IN......
    HA! :I highly doubtful parties arent my thing.

    saying so cause everyone i've meet has thought so, dont know bout were yer at tho. besides "us and them" goes beyond just animals and such everyone has it to a degree or at least on some subject.
    dont know what a victi-what'cha me call it complex is~ *3* tho i has cookies so i honestly dont care either~

    isnt that what people's do? :O

    D: aww a laugh is never time wasted!

    damn straight.
    dont care none of that was enough for me to like her also she isnt the hottest honestly...none of them are hot XP

    dont know what the machinist is~
    *dont gone so therefore cant be eaten*
    if you understood we wouldnt be having this conversation~
    not happenin! also just so you know i dont like parties so you actually saved me the trouble of pissing you off when i rejected such invite XD

    there is no "we" just you and me~ you cant count yer own opinions as everyones, just like i cant. and good you need to know whats its like putting words in other peoples mouths/minds.

    i would if i knew what the colon did XD

    :[ my internet is crappy i cant watch that.

    :O EXACTLY! now thats a season i'd like to see!
    pssh this is doctor who, one world save doesnt get you awesomesauce status.

    >3< i think your just imagining things, heehee maybe im not even real >:D
    *done gone so cant reply*
    the tragedy of being an anagram im afraid~
    >x) you say that but so far im not annoyed.

    [IMG] i know.
    what are you talking bout now? i never stated humans were any better just that we think of us and other humans as "people" saying that doesnt mean that the "us and them" mentality is bout one being better. see what i did just now? i showed how you put words in my mouth~
    that i'll never go down under~

    PERSONALLY I PREFER MY COLON! WHY!? cause i need it *v*
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