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  • hmm it works but here's the issue. i think we have someone with dimensions. so i don't know if that could be used.
    Hallucination: a form of sub elememt based off Mind control. The difference is instead of controlling the person or persons you control what they see. Like if your facing two people and its starting to get difficult, you can make it appear like theres more of you and which ones the real you lol the one they find hurting when attacked. You could also make them imagine other things like a heartless attacks and stuff somewhere theres a limit to it though.

    Anything else you need?
    All right first lets start with alchemy(these are just made up simple situations sorry if i went into cool detail this would get to long): ability to turn objects into a different form. lets say your disarmed well with your enemy being at a close distance and there is a lot of material around you well if two shuriken can do any good you can start to creat more and throw them at your enemy like crazy.

    Warp: its kinda like making portals to go some where else without the portals. Example: you cant seem to break through your enemies frontal defense if he has nothing protecting his back well you could throw your weapon making it appear and stab him in the back or you appear and literally stab him in the back. What was the other one you wanted to know about/
    I'm not saying you don't have to not talk to me because of Cody, you can do what you want.
    Just don't try to force me to talk to him or anything of that nature. Honestly everything that's happened was pretty much his fault, I got asked my opinion and help for things and because I didn't agree or give a solution that went along with the plan I'm disliked. I'm just brutally honest is all.
    The feelings pretty mutual but everything that went on is pretty much his doing.
    It's all just pretty retarded to be honest.
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