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Alaude Drenxta

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  • Really miss ya lance. Hope lifes been well for you brother.
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    Alaude Drenxta
    Alaude Drenxta
    Been quite well
    Damnit, I miss everyone by like 30 days or more whenever they pop back up. Me and Prince Sasuke (Ed) were LITERALLY just talking about you the other day. If you ever log in and check this, please hit up this thread.

    I've been trying to create a safe space for returning members who are looking for older members by making a public thread to put their current social if they use them. My information, as well as Ed's is on there.
    just passing through to say i'm not butthurt or whatever, i heard orion passed out an infraction or something, that's nothing to do with me, he took the liberty to infract, i told him it was a bit stupid considering it was just one post you made. anyway i wasn't offended by whatever comments about tits or egos you made i was just sitting here chillaxing then i'm like haha what's going on lol
    Hmm... Thanks for the tips. I've read guides online that recommend doing much of the equipment upgrading after getting to Pulse; thoughts?
    Hey, I just recently bought FF13, any tips as to how I should play the game? What I should look for, what I should and/or shouldn't do, etc.
    Can you tell me whether or not you still intend to participate in KHE? I need to know whether to expect a post or to remove you from the Cast list.
    Hi there, thanks for the critique you gave me on one of my poems. I got better since that poem that you gave critique on sooo could you check out my latest poems too and kinda tell your thoughts about those? You would be a great help if you do :). Thanks anyways n.n.

    Do you write also if I may ask? :)
    Your template sir? Just thought I'd check in and see how it's coming. I'd hate for our battle to be called because of inactivity or something
    Oh, ok, I get it now. I'm not really a huge DB/DBZ fan, so I don't fully understand all the ways that powers are designed to function in the series' universe.
    I suppose I should have addressed it, sorry. I guess I was just thinking that, give the ability of the battlers to detect presence/location just by feeling energy, it seemed kinda trivial.
    I'll kindly ignore the fact that a neutrino bomb would do near-to-nothing when making my post of Daedalus' next move.

    Seriously, countless billions of neutrinos pass through the Earth every second and throughout their entire voyage one in every twenty would be lucky to hit something along the way.
    Ugh, sorry about not posting in the battle thread yet. Everything just keeps getting away from me lately. I'll post tomorrow and promise to keep up from then on.
    I wonder if you'd be able to get a post up on Kingdom Hearts Eclipse? My character's currently involved with yours, and I don't want to go making a post where I get something wrong with Verah.
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