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  • Aww you should try watching it again if you get the chance. ^_^ I used to watch House but then the whole House/Cuddy thing happened and it started to drag a bit. Schools are evil. >:C *Hugs back* Well I'm tired like I said and have a bit of a headache T_T and thirsty, but I am much too lazy to go all the way downstairs for a drink. XD There is also a little spider on my wall... I'm watching it just in case it tries anything. :p

    My favourite colours are Yellow, Blue and Green. ^_^ They are bright happy colours I suppose, but I can't stand red XP gives me a headache.
    What is your favourite movie?
    Anime - Naruto, Saiyuki, Ouran High School Host Club, there are others.
    General - Doctor who, Merlin... and my mind has just gone completely blank, must be from lack of sleep. I am so tired. T_T
    How are you at the moment and what is your favourite colour?
    Um Riku/Sora, Sora/Namine, Terra/Ven, Terra/Cinderella, Axel/Roxas, Cloud/Aerith are the ones I can think of right now. :p
    I have played FF7, FF8, FFX, FFX-2,FF13, Crisis Core, and I began FF9 but never finished it. :p I have no time, I must finish Dragon Age before Dragon Age 2 comes out. >_< I own Advent Children Complete so Yay! :D

    Hm ok Do you like any other game series?
    You also never answered my other question, What pairings do you like? :p
    Silly Kairi doesn't destroy SoRiku, she can try but really she hasn't done much to destroy it. May I remind you of the butt grabing disguised as belt grabbing. XD
    I wouldn't worry about either of them doing anything to Akuroku, first of all Xion is just their friend and Namine never did show any romantic towards Roxas, just Sora. :p I like SoNami <3. Er... no didn't mean gummi ships XD XD LOL but if I would have to choose the Cloud gummi ship or the chocobo or the Cactuar just because how they look. <3. The cactuar kind of scares me.


    These are real in game ships you know. O_o

    Anyway I meant like pairings like SoRiku. XD
    Do you play Final Fantasy?
    My least favourite would be Kairi. She revolves around Sora basically and is just annoying in general.
    I dislike the way Xion was placed within the KH universe and I didn't really like her voice either. If you don't like Xion then you should check out the second half of this video or you could watch it all if you like. The many faces of Xion. :D


    Ok what are your favourite ships?
    Well I like cows. XD I'm sure its not so bad, look on the brightside you will never run out of milk I bet. XD
    My favourites are obviously Sora and my other one is Ventus. They are basically puppies. :3 I do like Riku and Axel as well of course.
    Ok who is your least favourite character?
    Ok this is much easier for me to talk to you through. ^_^
    I've never been to Hereford... why when I type it into google images, all I see are a load of cow images. XD
    Hm it depends what part of London you live in I think.
    So whos your favourite character?
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