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  • naw your not being awkward at all, I think your cool and an awesome person :3

    jeje I should be the one apologizing for answering this late, sorry for just leaving you like I did, but something came up and I couldn't log in till now

    the anime that I'm currently watching is: I just finished Pandora Hearts and now I started watching Black Butler they're both really good, I like them alot ^ ^

    gamewise, I have been playing a variety, jeje but the ones that I'm focusing on right now is KH: BBS
    yeah I know what you mean jaja, don't worry though I have faith in you and know you'll get your work done :3

    me I'm doing fine too, thanks for asking :) just work and school, you know the usual, and of course watching anime and playing games ^ ^
    I'm doing good too, jeje thanks for asking ^^
    its a pleasure to meet you AkiraKiyoshi :3 thanks for adding me, I hope we get to know each other and talk and stuff......yeah :p jajaja thats all I got right now
    yoyoyo. ... .hi.............................................................
    hey! saw your conversation with luna.

    and guess what, i'm a filipino too. .______.;

    Quite an interesting concept, I must say. I wouldn't like to know how long I had left to live, that's for sure. I watched Vampire Knight for like, twelve episodes I believe, and then stopped. Got bored.
    I've heard of Soul Eater, but not of Zombie Loan. Anime, I take it? I don't watch anime. It doesn't interest me unless it's something highly intense. Apparently they were going to make a BioShock anime but that's only a rumour. Or so I've heard. BioShock's great.
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