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  • yeah last month. it was a fun time, had tickets for inside the venue but I sat on the lawn with the group I went with.
    So i take it you haven't got that many friends on there right? would you add me if I gave you my steam username? Also, any multiplayer games catch your eye on there? i've been looking for someone to multi with. I could always gift you with a game if i had to.
    As for your gastric issues, I am sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better soon Howler.
    Well it's been about 2 weeks since I talked to you last Howler, how have you been? I didn't know you had a steam account, what kind of games do you have.
    That's okay, and thanks for trying to help. :D Right now I'm just gonna keep my mind off it and figure it out later.

    Yep! Happy Fourth o' July!
    Howdy hoo! I've been busy with other stuff, so I haven't had much time to be on here.

    I was gonna post a gif today (here and on Tumblr) but the file size surprised me and I can't post it properly. I've been struggling with how to get it down to 1MB without losing quality. :(
    Joker in the lego games acting goofy just comes with the territory, it's lego, one of the most child friendly things on the planet. You're more likely to get struck down by lighting than see suicide squad's joker in a lego game. And the animated series was geared towards both kids and adults, so they could have him kill people now, but in a comical fashion that keeps to the character. In regards to his recent potrayals, i guess it comes with the changing times. Back in the 50's-60's Joker was more into campy traps and absurd schemes because of the crackdown on comic violence, so suicide squad's joker wouldn't fly by any means. As the years went by, the iterations could get away with more and more because society changes every 10 years or so.
    Ugh the Joker, still don't understand the appeal of that character. Every iteration just gets trashier with each passing decade, maybe that's why my sister's old boyfriend was so enthralled with it. I guess i can somewhat get the idea, he's an extreme clown who is a bit of a sadist, killing people with laughter or making some campy trap for Batman. Either way it isn't my cup of tea, i'm more refined in tastes and mannerisms.
    Me personally, its more of a moral alignment than anything else. You see, my sister had a boyfriend who was OBSESSED with batman (To clarify, not the classic "kid friendly" batman, i mean the dark, edgy batman with the grungy gritty atmosphere) and other Gothic things like the nightmare before Christmas and Invader Zim). whenever I would have to deal with him, that's all he brought to the table, and since i wasn't ever into batman, i could care less. Then he eventually revealed his true parasitic nature and it all spiraled downhill after that. So in the end, if asked marvel or DC, i'd choose marvel due to the arguably light hearted nature and intense, but not gritty feel to it (I mean just look at Spiderman, it can get dark, but in the end it still keeps to its roots as a brighter comic).
    Well thing is, i'm not busy, i was just saying that it didn't matter how long i'd have to wait for another free art commission to come around, it's nothing urgent, just something i'd want in the near future.
    And nice joke, I prefer Marvel over DC any day of the week, I'm not exactly in to superheroes, but marvel's got a nice lineup.
    Eh, for me I'd aim for something to make the underdog stand out, preferably something associated with ice (maybe the claws can be replaced with icicles, the metal tip at the top of the helm replaced with a snowflake) but I can wait, right now i've got a lot of time on my hands...
    I see you've changed your avatar again, it looks nice, is it from some kind of anime?
    I personally don't see any reason to change my avatar, there's only so much art of the heartless soldier on the internet. Maybe i'll get another one of those free comissions one day.
    I'm really not good with words when it comes to this 'cause I'm actually very shy I don't know how to handle complements, but I really, really appreciate your kind words to me and I want to hug you so bad! ;A;
    I think the most exciting part about all of this is that we know for sure now that Riku isn't just gonna be background noise in this game, his personal struggles and personal story are still very much a thing despite him finally reaching master status. I'm so hyped, I'm so freaking excited.
    Baaahhhhhh I know! What in the friggin' world, that Riku beach scene!
    It was such a nice surprise! Everyone was speculating that (plaid) Riku was a fake, guess he was real after all! xD
    That's good, you deserve a break, and pre-order items? deluxe edition? what are they? I've preordered a lot of games before but never for kingdom hearts. Bear in mind i'm trying to remain spoiler free until release (what have i done....) so i couldn't watch the stream.
    Hey Howler, how's it going? i imagine you're out of school by this point and finally on your break,
    Are you ticked about the official release date as I am? or are you someone who sees it as a good omen?
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