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  • Hoi little lady, do you have any other social media accounts?
    I figure since you've nearly disappeared it would help to have another way of communication, maybe steam?
    Oh, my other accounts are in the Social Media thread, but I'll put the links here too: you can find me on my main tumblr, my fandom reblogs tumblr or my deviantArt,
    You can also add me on PSN, of course, the username's DarkGrey-
    though of course I log in only during vacations when I am at home, with my consoles xD
    Hey little lady, how've you been? have you been a good girl lately? I hear you've stumbled across more KH merch at gamestop. Guess I ought to go out for a bit of a spending spree there.
    Hey there Howler dear~ sorry for the late reply, but I don't log in to KHI anymore. I'll leave this place, so I'm here to say my goodbyes
    I'm glad to hear international shops are really stepping up their KH game, I can't relate to that magic here tho. I'd love the Daft Punk Vanitas pop, but that's a dream for another year
    anyway... the forums won't be my place anymore, so uh... there's that. This place is full of jerks already + I avoid KH3 info/spoilers, so I'd rather take my leave now. Anyway, don't worry, ther est of my irl stuff is going very nicely, I'm studying, researching, drawing, listening to awesome music and enjoying stuff. I'll also be playing Bloodborne this vacation, I can't wait!
    I hope you're having fun and I'm sending you hugs <3 take care, dear, and goodbye <3
    I'm sorry to hear that little lady, i really am. I can honestly relate with the stress part. I'm cursed into a neverending cycle of science courses with ludicrous requirements (like a 10 question weekly quiz filled with trick questions) and being stretched between my responsibilites and losses really does a number on one's self. Either way you slice it, do what you've got to do little lady, it's admirable what you're doing.
    Hey little lady, hows it going? haven't talked with you in a while.
    Still changing the avatar eh? it looks good on you!
    Hey little lady, take it you're feeling much better by now,
    Hate to be a pest, but...
    I'm sorry about that little college rant i had, I'm just so used to being bombarded with offers to stay on campus that i blew my stack unnecessarily. I didn't mean to take it out on you.
    Same way for the hype. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastring, KH3, and Smash Ultimate. .

    The game is so close we can almost taste it. Also Captan Marvel, is always a win.
    Sorry Howly for the late reply, time-management online is something strange to handle for me during vacations OTL
    Thank you for saying this Ardyn fact lol it's because of you that I payed attention and now I can't unhear this xD
    Me too, I still have to see Ant-Man and the Wasp, but I did see Black Panther and honestly think it's a beautiful movie <3
    Don't stress about the wrong order thing, the important thing is having seen them and enjoying the universe, you can rewatch in the correct order on your own anytime if you want to, but this aside, I am honestly surprised to hear you can discuss MCU theories with your family ; w ; that is not my case, so man, it must be something unique
    This summer I've been mostly offline, playing Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition on my PS3, a Professor Layton game, now I'm playing Spidey of course, and occasionally playing with my doggo. I spend vacation on the countryside, at home (I come home like 3 times a year only), and this summer I just stay here and satisfy all my gaming thrist that I bottled up during the uni year xD also, I've been catching up with Attack on Titan and I found the passion I had for this series years ago back T w T
    how about you? everything alright?
    Glad you're getting better.

    I'm still wiped and tired for some reason. I also didn't know that my arms (biceps) would be sore for the next several days, I assume it's from holding my flute. I also learned the hard way that I can't wear my shako and glasses at the same time because the glasses are too big, which sucks but oh well.

    Sorry you missed your game, hopefully you can make it to the next one and at least missing the game allowed you more time to get better.
    Speaking of game, homecoming is next week for me. I can't imagine how hectic that stadium is going to be.

    So how's your art been going?
    I just got home from a football game. I got so hyped playing the pep music tonight. Now my voice is suffering for the screaming and yelling. I hope you feel better. Now I shall be off to bed. It's late.
    Hey little lady, how was your first week of school? are you feeling better?
    Personally, i'm a bit under the weather myself. It's been a real scorcher up here on the east coast, and unfortunately that's the prime condition for various plants to pollinate. Since I am 4X weak to pollen, I experience what I like to call "the uninfected cold" where my symptoms bear a striking resemblance to the ever present malady, but cannot infect others. So until it rains (like it did last night) I feel absolutely horrible until the season goes away. So even though i don't have bronchitis like you do, i'm not necessarily the clean picture of health.
    Sorry for the even later reply, (life's been hectic lately). How was the rest of your band camp?
    Sigh, it's alright little lady, I'm not mad. I'm a person who is just set in his ways, and resistant to some ideals. Like the idea that "college is easy, it's the best times of your life, everyone puts forth effort" is so commonplace that some people just blindly accept that fact when reality is a much different story. In time you'll see what I mean for yourself and you'll make your own decisions.
    "At least those in college are putting in the effort to learn,"
    Little lady, If I could take my eyeballs out of their sockets and show you what they've seen...
    Well, let's just say you'd view the world differently. Sit down and get comfortable, i'm gonna tell you a story.
    I've told you before that i'm a Bio major right? that's the 5th hardest major you can choose, and the 5th most common in college. And even though I only went through one solid year so far, I have seen quite a bit.
    For example, every bio major has to take plant bio, it's simple, identify plants, write 3 lab reports, rinse and repeat till the semesters done. One person in that class (who was OLDER than me by a year mind you) was the son of a mayor who of course has all the money he needed for his college expenses. He could live on campus, get exquisite meals and partake in the "college experience" provided he attended his classes and AT LEAST pass with a C-
    so what does this kid do instead?
    Why, squander all his money on dope to get as high as a kite on the 4th of July, pin the blame on his roommate, drop out of all of his classes EXCEPT plant bio, and even still, fail that class because he didn't bother to go to the one class he had left.
    The end result? everyone else in the class gets above a C and gets that requirement ticked off their list.
    Point is, even though college is a choice for some, it doesn't necessarily equate to them being a good student who takes their education seriously and appreciates the effort professors go through on a daily basis. Maybe it's just my old high school mantra of "you have to want to be there" but I can say with certainty that for every good student, there are 3 rotten ones right behind him.
    That's good to hear that it's gone and you're healthy again Howler, nothing's worse than getting sick.
    As for that appointment I hope everything goes alright, genetic ailments aren't easy to deal with (mostly because it tends to be luck of the draw if you get it or not), I should know, some of those run in my bloodline.
    As for the meeting with my friends, it didn't go as I planned. Not to say I didn't have fun (I did) but luck wasn't on my side. We squeezed in a game of Evolution (it''s a great board game if you get the chance) and I lost for the 5th time in a row against him. It's like going against Napoleon in a game of war, you're not going to stand a fighting chance. Then we finished the day off with a few rounds of smash that I recorded on my capture card, most of which I lost. Even on the midgar stage I failed, all because one of them got the Bahamut summon I was looking for, so i was caught between a Megaflare and a hard place. But all in all, I had a blast, and isn't that all that matters in the end.

    Well, I hope you enjoy the week before you go back, I honestly wish I was back in my high school again as opposed to college. But that's the funny thing about time, it can't go back, only forward. I know you don't have the best experiences at your high school, but one day you might look back on them and think "it wasn't that bad".
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