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    well, im looking for a good pretty black dress for orchestra [im concertmistress, violin :D]. waaah, i can't find any >~> D:
    I apologize for starting shit in your art thread. You have talent for a 13 year old. Just keep practicing, don't stop, don't give up, and look up some tutorials and stuff for anything you need help for. You should look at some anatomy and things to start. Once you understand anatomy it's very easy to draw without many people pointing it out.
    hah i get that sometimes. people think im filipino though because in my school, almost everyone is filipino so i know a lot about the culture..sorta[omgod i love their food<3] xD
    hmm.. i need to work on eyes a lot =___=" like..i always end up making one bigger than the other...or like at the wrong angle and all that xD hahaa..
    hmmm.. well, you're a very good young artists! tablets.. they're like... a drawing pad, but the image is displayed onto the computer screen, and you can also color the images and all that! and it's digital instead of pencil... well, i don't have a tablet, but i looked into getting one and all that xD. .____.
    Your welcome your drawings are awesome! I try but I was not given the art of drawing lol.....
    Eh, you get used to it. You're young so enjoy it while you can. btw Happy Birthday!!
    Wow your drawing are extremly good, I can't even draw a line without it sucking lol, so great job :D
    wow! waah.. i use to draw as a kid..people said i was good, but then i sorta stopped. then i started getting into music[violin+piano] a lot. but lately iv been trying to get into like drawing stuff and all that [well mostly because of this guy but it's still fun!]. It's fun drawing.. lol and then I have to use an eraser a lot since I always mess up on stuff! hehe.
    that's sorta what i did w/ the violin, i wanted to get really good, and now i have i suppose? im still waaay too far away from being really really good though ^^.
    hi! im naho! :D
    you come from osaka? lucky i wish i coulda been from like central japan. err im from way up north to hokkaido. =__= my grandpa/mother's side come from Iburi, Tomakomai :O And then I got some korean bloods and thai too :p little spain i think. haha.
    I really like your drawings! if you don't mind me asking, what kind of stuff did you practice when practicing drawing? haaa i really want to improve... >:"[
    do you have a tablet? i think you should totally invest in one!!
    Did you draw as a child a lot? :D
    Iv never really seen that many realistic drawings like these in pencil and all that look so wonderful!
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